French NGO Ship Rescues 236 migrants off Libyan Coast

The Libyan Coast Guard has rescued 236 immigrants of different nationalities, as they attempted to reach European shores on a rubber dinghy. The rescued immigrants were on two dinghies 32 nautical miles off Libya’s Al-Zawiya shores.

Head of the Naval Forces stated that the Coast Guard had received a distress call, following which, it launched an instant rescue and recovery operation off the North Coast.

Immigrants rescued in 2017

He added that as soon as the rescue operation was completed, the rescued migrants were disembarked at the Tripoli Naval Base landing point in preparation for handover to the Anti-illegal Immigration Agency.

Italian security sources said Ocean Viking Rescue Vessel of SOS Mediterranee NGO had rescued 236 immigrants in international waters off Libya’s coast.

114 minors were reported to be among the survivors, who were very dehydrated, adding that some women had rashes from touching fuel, but they were gradually recovering.

At least 172 persons have died in three different shipwrecks in the central Mediterranean Sea over the past few days and the number of drowning in the world’s deadliest crossing more than doubled in 2021, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said last week.


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