Ghana Fears Nigerian Jail Breakers May Move Into The Country 

Ghanaian officials have warned locals that Boko Haram members who broke prison in Nigeria’s Kuje may be headed to their country.

The government revealed this in a communique released during the weekend.

More than 800 prisoners were released by terrorists who infiltrated Kuje Prison, Abuja last week.

At least 64 members of Boko Haram, held by the Nigerian government were released in the attack.

According to the AFP, Ghana has sent a caution note to its immigration officials to keep the borders safe and secure against incursion by terrorists.

“Considering current migration trends of Nigerians within the sub-region, it is likely most of the escapees will attempt to enter Ghana through approved and unapproved routes,” it said.

Nigeria and Ghana are separated by Togo and Benin, where insurgency is being battled also. Nigerians travel to Ghana by road and air and need no visa to make the trips, making possibilities of an incursion rife.

Ghana has enjoyed peace in the last decades with possibilities of such threats about to be tackled by the country. 


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