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Government Restores Internet Service in Senegal Amid Unrest

Senegal (News Central TV)

Internet service in Senegal has been restored by the government after protests and unrest led to curfew-like restrictions in the capital Dakar.

The restoration was confirmed by internet monitor Netblocks on Wednesday via email.

“It remains unclear as to whether the restoration will be sustained,” Netblocks however said.

Mobile internet was suspended by the authorities on Sunday night after the February 25 polls were postponed by President Macky Sall indefinitely.

Communication Minister Moussa Bocar Thiam justified the measure, stating that it was necessary to curb the dissemination of “hateful and subversive messages circulating on social networks in a context of threats to public order.”

This move follows the shutting down of a private television channel by Senegalese citizens, who accused it of inciting violence through its coverage of the protests.

Parliament members voted to hold the election on December 15, which means a tenure extension for Sall.

There has been heavy criticism, international alarm, and backlash from opposition parties after the lawmakers voted on Monday.

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