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Guinea’s President Conde Vows Economic Growth

FILE PHOTO: Guinea's President Alpha Conde laughs as he addresses a conference in Berlin, Germany November 19, 2019. John MacDougall/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo

President Alpha Conde of Guinea has vowed to lead the West African country in a path of economic growth when he begins his controversial third term in office.

Condé of the Rally of the Guinean People (RGP) also vowed to crackdown on ill-gotten wealth in the country.

The president said he would not allow impunity and nepotism in his leadership, and has promised to ensure public money is used to the benefit of Guineans.

President Condé warned looters to return stolen money before his administration catches up with them.

Speaking after the constitutional court upheld his win, the president said he would embark on growing the economy.

82-year old Conde has been in power for 10 years. Before winning his first term in 2010, the president spent decades in opposition. He won a controversial third term in office last month that was preceded by violent protests across the country and sparked many more.

Dozens were reported killed in the crisis.

Mr Condé says a constitutional referendum in March allowed him to run despite a two-term limit, but opponents say he is breaking the law by holding on to power.

Guinea’s main opposition leader, Cellou Dalein Diallo, had lodged an appeal at the constitutional court to overturn the results citing fraud, but the court rejected his allegations.

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