Insurgents Kill 40 Civilians in Burkina Faso

Insurgents Kill 40 Civilians in Burkina Faso (News Central TV)

According to reports from Burkina Faso, two separate attacks by insurgents at the weekend claimed the lives of almost 40 civilians.

On Saturday, close to Bourasso and the Malian border, some 20 army volunteers died. On Sunday, a different incident in the same location claimed the lives of a similar number of individuals.

Tens of rebels were reportedly “neutralised” in an aerial operation by government forces after the carnage on Saturday, according to sources.

Apollinaire Kyelem de Tambela, the prime minister of Burkina Faso, declared in front of the legislature that his country would never engage in negotiations with insurgents.

It should be recalled that in April 2023, News Central reported that Insurgents donning military uniforms killed 60 civilians in Northern Burkina Faso.

Since 2022, attacks by armed assailants attack on civilians have surged while state security forces and volunteer defence troops have conducted a number of abusive counter-terrorism operations, Human Rights Watch said in March.


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