Kenya Decides: Economic Realities for The New President

Aly Khan Satchu Africa Geo-economist and Macro Analyst. He is also the CEO, Rich Management

Africa waits new elected officials for with bated breath as its East Africa’s largest economic powerhouse, Kenya prepares and has now started voting for is next presidential and other elections today.

The average Kenyan’s primary concern is his wallet given that many of the world’s economies are in serious difficulties as a result of soaring inflation, rising unemployment, and the rising costs of raw materials needed in the manufacture of goods and services.

The candidate who is successful in persuading the people that he has the knowledge, the abilities, and the will to free Kenya from the grip of debt hardship, food insecurity, and youth unemployment will be the one who wins.

As food inflationKenya Inflation Rises to 7.1% in May, Highest in 27-Month  has increased over the past few months, living expenses have risen. Households are having difficulty. For them, this election may serve as the wind that guides a drifting ship back on track. High stakes are involved. The latest International Monetary Fund loan is expected with some very tough conditions, conditions that this government has passed on to the next.

The presidential election ballot includes four candidates. Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga and current Deputy President of Kenya and head of the United Democratic Alliance, William Ruto.On Business Edge we had Aly Khan Satchu, Africa Geo-economist and Macro Analyst. He is also the CEO, Rich Management Limited. He mentioned some of the main wants of Kenyans from their next elected leaders.

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