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Kenyan Man Surrenders to Police After Hacking Wife to Death


A Kenyan man in Suba, Homa Bay County rushed to the Gingo Police Post on Wednesday and turned himself in with a blood-stained machete, which he used to hack his wife to death during a domestic brawl.

The man was promptly taken into custody after he reportedly confessed to the police that he had killed his former spouse during an altercation.

According to the Suba sub-County Police, the man later led the way to the crime scene in Muirendia Village in Kaksingri West Location where they found the victim lying dead with both of her hands chopped off. There were also deep cuts in her head.

“A team of officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) from Magunga were assigned to handle the case,” Suba sub-County Police Commander Caxstone Ndunda said.

Ndunda added that the suspect admitted to dismembering the woman after killing her.

The couple were separated, and both remarried. However, they were having issues over who will take custody of the children they had together.

“They were fighting over child custody. The children services department had to get involved,” the police boss said.

“It is unfortunate that the children will now live without their mother while their father is in custody. Fighting over children to the extent of murdering someone has a devastating effect on minors,” Mr Ndunda added.

He added that the children watched their father kill and dismember their mother.

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