Kittony to Ruto: Stop Beating Your Chest, and Listen to Kenyans

Kittony to Ruto; Stop Beating Your Chest, and Listen to Kenyans (News Central TV)

Zipporah Kittony, a retired politician, has warned President William Ruto against his “chest-thumping leadership style while ignoring the cry of Kenyans on the high cost of living”.

The politician from the Moi era and former leader of Maendeleo says the country is in a sorry state and there is a need for a national dialogue on the future of Kenya.

Ms. Kittony, 80, insisted that the government pay attention to Kenyans’ opinions and take action on issues that will raise the standard of living for common people.

“I am very sorry for the poor state of our country and the leadership we have now. The leaders have so much ego and they are drunk with power and they are failing in their core mandate to lead and provide solutions that are plaguing our country,” Ms Kittony said.

The now senior citizen was saddened by the current leadership, which she described as self-centered and extremely divisive along tribal lines, as she reflected on Kenyan politics as she turns 80.

The trailblazer from the Moi era expressed concern that Kenya was going backward in terms of democracy and responsible leadership, explaining that some recent political events suggested a risky trend in how the government was responding to problems. 

“I am blessed to have seen five presidents since Kenya’s independence and the struggles we went through to become Africa’s admired democracy. But looking at the current trend, I feel sorry for our children and future generations,” Kittony said.

Kittony to Ruto; Stop Beating Your Chest, and Listen to Kenyans (News Central TV)

“I want to tell our leaders, both in government and opposition, to be careful what they say to Kenyans on public platforms. Leaders should not be quick to speak without the attention of the public. It’s very retrogressive today for Kenyan leaders to divide Kenyans more than Kenyans themselves,” she said.

Specifically regarding the tax plans and the dire state of the nation, the former nominated Senator urged Dr. Ruto to go back to the drawing board and rearrange his priorities.

“As a word of caution, I want leaders to desist from this self-indulgence and put our country first. I want to tell the President that Kenyans trusted you, heard your promises, and gave you the votes, but now you have turned around and want to tax even old women like me,” she expressed emotionally.

She urged President Ruto to reach out even to the opposition to solve the problems facing Kenyans and ensure a stable eco-political country.

As well as urging Dr. Ruto to respect the fact that Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Alliance received a sizable number of votes in the most recent general election, she also urged him to give room for criticism and dissent.

The woman’s leader additionally defended the actions of former president Uhuru in the current political landscape – stating that the former head of state has the right to speak his mind on leading the nation.

The retired politician expresses her desire for moral and responsible leadership in her memoir, “Sheer Grit Kittony.”

She urged female leaders to encourage and support young women in taking on leadership roles and showcasing their unique perspectives.

“Women in positions of leadership shouldn’t be intimidated. This should serve as their inspiration to effect change and improve society for upcoming generations, she insisted.


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