Lagos State, Nigeria Launches Cashless Bus Scheme

Lagos State government on Tuesday inaugurated a new bus scheme known as the ‘First and Last Mile’ in an attempt to reduce the transportation bottlenecks that affect the state.

Governor of Nigeria’s most populous state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Tuesday launched the new scheme with 100 “high-capacity” and small capacity buses expected to ply straight routes.

The scheme is expected to operate a central ticketing system adopted by every public transport system in the state.

The state government said the FLM scheme will be run by private operators who will work with the state. It added that for participation in the bus scheme, the State Government shall support private operators in the Bus acquisition under a Bus Finance Scheme.

Plans are in full swing, according to Jubril Gawat, a Spokesperson to the Governor, to ensure that the FLM buses are outsourced to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). The OEM shall be responsible for executing all preventive and corrective maintenance needs.

The Lagos State government will also provide a central maintenance workshop for the bus supplier where local technicians shall be trained from time to time and they shall receive certification to be the OEM certified technicians.

Lagos, holding Nigeria’s highest population of people is one of the continent’s biggest economy. Although, challenged by inadequate transport systems for its little land size, the metropolis is notorious for it’s aquatic splendour.


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