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Liberian President Joseph Boakai Clears Drug Screening

Liberian President Joseph Boakai Clears Drug Screening

Liberian President Joseph Boakai has been confirmed negative for drugs and illicit substances.
The President underwent a drug screening on Wednesday, fulfilling a commitment he made during his address to the legislature on January 29, just one week after assuming office.

Accompanied by Vice President Jeremiah Kpan Koung and other officials, President Boakai underwent the screening administered by the country’s Ministry of Health.

Expressing his dedication, the president stated, “It is fulfilment of my commitment made that we will leave no stone unturned in combating the prevalence of drugs and other substance abuse in Liberia.”

In his address to the legislature, President Boakai characterised drug abuse as a “national health crisis.”
He made strong emphasis that the drug epidemic, particularly the prevalence of Kush (a blend of cannabis, chemicals, and medications), is a deep concern, as it poses a threat to the youth and future generations of the nation.

President Boakai emphasised his expectation for all officials to undergo drug screenings, reinforcing his commitment to tackling drug abuse effectively.

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