Lungu Snub: Zambia’s Opposition Leader Slams US VP Kamala Harris

Zambian opposition leader criticizes US Vice-President for shunning former President Lungu during visit

The leader of the opposition in Parliament, Brian Mundubile, has criticised US Vice-President Kamala Harris for not paying a courtesy call on Ex-President Edgar Lungu during her visit to Zambia. Mundubile, who is also the PF Presidential Candidate, referred to President Lungu as the “Father of the Nation” and the only existing former President of Zambia.

According to Mundubile, it is customary for visiting Heads of State or their Vice-Presidents to meet the incumbent President, visit former Presidents, visit the Speaker, and lay wreaths on former Presidents’ graves. He believes it was a diplomatic mistake for Harris not to visit Lungu during her trip.

Mundubile highlights President Lungu’s record of infrastructure development, including constructing roads, airports, and flyover bridges, which he argues changed the face of the country. He asserts that Harris should have recognised President Lungu’s achievements and paid him a visit during her trip.

He also argued that as America is promoting democracy in Africa, Harris should have paid a visit to Zambia’s former President, who handed over power to the UPND Administration in a smooth transition, thereby enhancing the country’s democratic credentials.

Many Zambians feel that President Lungu should have been a priority on Harris’s agenda, considering the significant role he played in Zambia’s development and democracy. Mundubile believes that it is crucial to appreciate President Lungu’s efforts and that visitors to Zambia would want to know about his contributions.

Former President of Zambia Edgar Lungu

He also mentioned that Harris visited Zambia to attend the Democracy Summit, held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, and landed at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, both modern facilities built during President Lungu’s tenure with support from countries like China and India.

Mundubile suggests that the organisers of the Vice-President’s events in Zambia should have arranged for a visit to President Lungu.


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