Mac-Palm, Key Suspect in 2019 Coup Plot in Ghana Dies

Key Suspect Accused of Attempting to Overthrow Ghana Dies

One of the key suspects accused of attempting to bring down Ghana in the 2019 coup plot, Dr Frederic Mac-Palm has died.

According to local media reports, he passed out on Saturday at home before being taken to the hospital, where he was later declared dead.

Dr MacPalm and two others were detained in September 2019 after the coup plot on suspicion of planning to undermine the government. He was the proprietor of Citadel clinic in Accra, where security personnel allegedly found a number of guns, rounds of ammunition, and explosives.

Six other people, including the three, have been charged with treason since 2019. They were accused of being part of a group known as Take Action Ghana (TAG). The group, according to the prosecution, planned to organise a series of demonstrations and also attempted to overthrow the government.

Back in January 2023, the nine, including senior military and police officers were asked to file disclosures on or before January 27.

Key Suspect Accused of Attempting to Overthrow Ghana Dies

Mac-Palm is a resident of Kpando, which is located in the Eastern Volta Region and where separatists have been pressing for the region to secede from Ghana.

In 2020, he was freed on a court-ordered bond.


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