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Made In Lagos Or A Better Time



The fan war between Wizkid FC and 30bg does not look like it will be dying down anytime soon. Following the release of “A Better Time”, tension has been so high as to who is topping the charts.
A fan of Wizkid has shaded Davido following the release of his latest album, A Better Time. According to him, Wizkid is not his mate and he has been met with a face with tears of joy. He said Wizkid got most top artists on his album than Davido got.

“Davido ABT album couldn’t break MIL record on US iTunes chart…he got like of..Nicki minaj, Chris Brown, young thug, Lil baby..US top A list artist 😭😭😂😂…Atlanta boy.. Wizkid is not your mate 😂 #MadeInLagosAlbum”

This and many more comments of this kind has been made. So let’s settle this once and for all, “Made In Lagos” or “A Better Time” ?

Davido might not be the most talented in the world, but one thing you definitely cannot take from him, is his consistency. After he released his first album ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ in 2012, the American-born Nigerian star waited a full seven years before releasing a follow-up, last year’s ‘A Good Time’. Nigerian pop tends to focus on singles, but this time the Afrobeats icon is back with another album in just under 12 months. You would agree with me that the songs however, are not wishy-washy. Now if that is not consistency, I don’t know what is, and what is it they say about consistency again ? It leads to success.
“A Good Time” has been streamed over a billion times around the world, it was a massive breakout success that helped establish him as a truly global star. After the release of that album, the 27-year-old was on the cover of Billboard and rapping in a mocked-up living room on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. There were even those who sought to name him ‘King of Afrobeats’ – although Wizkid and recent NME cover star Burna Boy both contest that particular crown.
All of which is to say that expectations were high for the ‘A Good Time’ follow-up, fanned to even greater heights by Davido’s gloriously cocky decision to name it ‘A Better Time’. It’s a promise he comes close to delivering. While it remains to be seen whether it can capture the zeitgeist in the way that its predecessor did, this 17-track collection certainly matches up in terms of tunes. You’ll likely already be familiar with opening track ‘Fem’, a swaying, joyous party anthem that became a massive single even before it took on its curious second life as a protest song embraced by the #ENDSARS movement against police brutality in Nigeria.

Another stand-out is ‘Holy Ground’, overseen by producer SperoacHBeatz, a wavy hymn of infatuation that pairs Davido with an extremely laidback Nicki Minaj – clearly his good vibes are contagious. That’s true of the whole record, which is heavy on steel drums, synths and horns and light on trouble. By the time closing track ‘On My Way’ arrives, featuring the Kenyan pop group Sauti Sol and Davido quoting British soul group Sade’s 1985 hit ‘The Sweetest Taboo’, we defy you not to have turned your lockdown living room into an impromptu dancefloor.

At a time when feel-good moments are at a premium, ‘A Better Time’ makes a convincing case that the problems of the world really might just melt away – even if only momentarily – though a sense of escapism and the enduring powers of art and pop music. Just put yourself in Davido’s hands.

“The pandemic had a lot to do with it because I was on tour, which I had to stop — If I was on tour, I’m not sure I would’ve had time to really record but being in Lagos, at home, I was recording and recording so many songs and it ended up being really good. It took about two or three months but when I first started recording it, I had no plan, I just wanted to have fun with it.”
Davido doubled down on the album’s overall tone and message, explaining it was inspired by Africa’s ethos: “We (African people) always like to celebrate and A Better Time is that outlet to be free, be happy and hopeful for a better future.”

Made In Lagos on the other hand, represents growth, ease and the perfection of failed experiments from his last two bodies of work, Sounds From The Other Side and the terrible, soundman volume 1.
At 30, he has also evolved and grown accustomed to being family-oriented. In the video for ‘Smile,’ he featured his three sons. On interview circuits, he has gushed over his sons and his family-based orientation. On ‘Blessed,’ he expressly paid homage to his kids and on ‘Reckless’ he sings, “And I go do anything only for my family…”
Speculations has been that Wizkid does music now on an international scale, because of his international audiences, hence, afrobeat that both his Naija and international fans can relate too.
One word used to describe “Made In Lagos” is “vibes”. You know theknno stress” kind of music, where you can sit with a bottle of wine and just chill. I mean, if you know, you know.

One thing is certain about Wiz, he has street cred, and die hard fans, that would do anything to see that no one dethrones their fave, whether you are satisfied with his music or not.

If you are Waiting to hear if I would say ABT is better or MIL is better, you might be waiting for a very long time, one thing I can say however is; these two artistes have really grown!

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The Youth Excellence Awards



The Youth Excellence Awards (YEA), Ghana, is an awards scheme which celebrates exceptional and outstanding youth in Ghana. Those who strive to be better, and at the same time they have a positive impact on their society in their various field of work.

The scheme believes that by celebrating, acknowledging and rewarding these extraordinary youth, it helps build a good platform by having a voice and gives opportunities to the new generational leaders’ while building a great attitude in the youth to strive for excellence.

By this awards scheme individual efforts to contribute positively to the economy on the continent by striving hard with dedication and perseverance by overcoming challenges and the unfavourable economy will be admonished.

The awards board consists of Kwame Owusu Danso and John Demelo.

The awarding board is seeking outstanding youth in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, professionals in the Public and Private sectors, Health, Governance, Non-profit sectors and will recognize their achievement in business inventions and innovations and community building.


YEA categories cover a wide range of sectors including; Leadership, Health, Education, Visual Arts, Journalism, Agriculture, Law, Sports, and Technology.


To recognize and celebrate youth leaders who professionally or personally have impacted on youth through outstanding leadership.

To identify projects and achievements spearhead by youth which has produced clear value and chalked success and has benefited society (particularly, the youth)?

It’s a platform that brings all hardworking youth together to network and build business relationships.

To encourage our upcoming youth that excellence and success can be achieved at tender age.


For any individual to be eligible for any category of the awards scheme, the following must be met:

The candidate must be an upcoming (this should be clearly defined) living and doing business in Ghana

Nominees with mutual submissions: nominees who have no advantage over those with one submission. In essence, the selection process will not depend on the number of nominations an individual receives.

Nominations can be anonymous and letters of recommendations are not required.
Nominees must still be a youth by event date (be between the ages of 18 and 40).
Must be a youth leader, Entrepreneur/CEO, Co-founder, or COO of a firm.
Ready to travel to any of the African countries


The brain behind the organization of Youth Excellence Awards is the Clique Empire, which has an enviable record of organizing spectacular and successful events, including, “Take it off pool Rave,” “YES – Today,” and the Youth Excellence Awards.

YEA Ghana will promote and celebrate Africa’s young change-makers, entrepreneurs, and youth leaders from all walks of life. YEA Ghana is a platform for global recognition of individuals as outstanding young achievers and youth leaders. Publication of winners in newspapers and blog sites across Ghana after the event.

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I did not cheat on 9ice – Ex-wife, Toni Payne Reveals



9ice’s ex wife, Toni Payne, has revealed that she did not cheat on 9ice, she has however, warned fans to stop coming to her social media page accusing her of cheating on her ex-husband, 9ice.

Toni Payne said this on her Instagram page after a video of 9ice cheating on his wife, Sunkanmi with another woman went viral

There were allegations sometime ago that the marriage between Payne and 9ice crashed because she was cheating on 9ice with Ruggedman.

However, the ex-wife took to her Instagram page on Saturday insisting that she never cheated while she was married to 9ice and cursed those hurling insults at her.

She warned fans to leave her out of the recent drama surrounding 9ice and let her leave her life, adding that she has moved on.

Toni Payne said: “One of the most annoying things I have to deal with is some random idiot coming on my page to accuse me of cheating on my ex, something that never happened. I don’t know how many times I have to say this.

”One of the most annoying things I have to deal woth is some random idiot coming to my page to accuse me of cheating on my ex… something that never happened. I dunno how many times I have to say that song wasn’t about me. I helped mix and master the darn song. I’m a smart woman, why would I help out on a song that would make me look bad?

Anyways, I cursed someone who came to my page with that nonsense and honestly, I do not feel bad. False accusations ae hurtful… I have moved on and they should too. Stop coming on my page about imaginary nonsense from 10 years ago. Let me enjoy my peaceful and wonderful lie without morbid reminders. Anyone who spreads lies about me or comes to harass me about something I did not do will NEVER know peace and favor. I say this from the deepest place of my heart. Free me, abeg.
It’s been 10 years, move on and stop accusing me of cheating on my ex-husband, 9ice. I don’t know why people keep coming to my page with this, I’ve moved on please leave me alone. The fact I have to deal with this 10 years later is annoying but please leave me out of this bullshit because I don’t want any part of this.”

This is coming after 9ice publicly apologised to his wife for cheating on her.

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