Marburg Outbreak in Equatorial Guinea Ends

Marburg Outbreak in Equatorial Guinea Ends (News Central TV)

The World Health Organisation‘s regional office for Africa announced on Thursday that the Marburg virus infection outbreak in Equatorial Guinea has come to an end.

The organisation reported that 42 days after the final patient was released from the hospital following treatment, no new cases of Marburg, a lethal virus that is related to Ebola, were reported.

The outbreak, which was the first of its sort in Equatorial Guinea, was declared on February 13.

There were 17 instances with lab confirmation overall, including 12 deaths. According to the WHO, another 23 people were alleged to have passed away from a possible Marburg infection.

Equatorial Guinea’s confirmation of the outbreak’s conclusion comes after Tanzania made a comparable pronouncement last week.

The Marburg virus is disseminated among humans through direct contact with the bodily fluids of infected individuals, contaminated surfaces, and infected objects. It is transmitted to humans from fruit bats.

In order to maintain measures like surveillance and testing and to enable quick action should the virus flare up, WHO said it is still working with Equatorial Guinea.


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