[VIDEO] Meet Your Big Brother Naija 2021 Housemates – #BBNaija “Shine Ya Eye”

The Big Brother Naija reality TV show finally kicked off on saturday, July 24, with host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu introducing the male and female housemates.

The 2021 Edition of the Biggest reality TV show in Nigeria, Big Brother Naija Season 6 has officially started.

The show is expected to air for the next 10 weeks, the show is tagged “Shine Ya Eye”

The show is believed to be the biggest reality show in Africa with over 49 countries tuned in to watch the season launch which started at 7 pm WAT, this is according to the show organizers.

See stunning photos of the house here.

Introducing Your BBNaija 2021 Housemates

1. Boma:

Boma – BBNaija Housemate

Housemate number 1 is Boma, he grew up on the street of Yaba. He is single and ready to mingle. He is a masseuse and mixologist who promises to keep it unpredictable.

2. Saga:

Okusaga – BBNaija Housemate

Saga is 28 years but a 21-year-old in his head. Saga is an engineer who relates very well with the younger ones. He had a passion for the arts but ended up in science. He wants the viewers to expect vibes from him or he should be thrown away.

3. Yousef

Yousef – BBNaija Housemate

Yousef is from Jos. He is confident and he is bringing fun and entertainment. He said he would be searching for a soulmate. He is a Teacher and he claims his students had a “crush on him”.

4. Pere

Pere – BBNaija Housemate

Housemate number 4 is Pere from Warri. He’s a 36-year-old actor. Pere said he is a natural-born drama king.

5. Whitemoney

White Money – BBNaija

White Money is a business man who imports and sells shoes. He dislikes dishonest people. He’s bringing the fire and entertainment. He said he is the reason why people want to watch the show. He’s on the show to win. White Money wants to showcase the entertaining part of him. According to White Money, he likes putting smiles on people’s faces. He said he is water, and water doesn’t have enemy.

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6. Niyi

Niyi – BBNaija Housemate

Niyi is a 34-year-old guy who is spontaneous and the life of the party. He says he won’t be found anywhere around gossip in the house. Niyi, a happily married father of one says he will be bringing so much fun to the house.

The 6’6 tall former basketballer says he quit the game after an injury. Niyi who runs a fantasy sports and event planning business says he is in the show to have fun.

7. Yerins

Yerins – BBNaija Housemate

Yerins is 27 and he’s from Bayelsa. He is a medical doctor and a Polymath. He claims that he’ll bring creativity, originality, and drama into the house.

8. Jay Paul

Jay Paul – BBNaija Housemate

Jay Paul is a 29-years-old actor, singer, and dancer who hails from Calabar, Cross Rivers. He makes movies and he is also a TV presenter. Jacob will be true to himself.

9. Emmanuel

Emmanuel – BBNaija Housemate

Emmanuel is a 24-year-old model and entrepreneur who previously is a former Mr. Africa. He loves fast cars. He detests hatred. He said people should expect a little drama. The young man is single.

10. Sammie

Sammie – BBNaija Housemate

Sammie is a student and also a filmmaker. He said he will talk all through the night. He wants to win simply because he needs the money. He said he will be bringing vibes into the house. Sammie said he will be himself in the house.

11. Cross

Cross – BBNaija Housemate

Cross is adventurous and spontaneous. He loves clubbing and dancing. He will be himself in the house. According to him, he will like to see a lot of drama. He detests evil.

12. Angel

Angel BBNaija Housemate

Angel is 21 from Akwa Ibom state and she has 21 tattoos on her body.

She is a writer who writes stories… She has the ambition to be a movie producer.

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She’s on the show for the fun and glamour. She claims to be bossy.

13. Peace

Peace is 26 years old from Rivers state. She worked as a TV presenter for a short contract.

She is single and NOT searching. She hates being bullied and doesn’t want anyone to take what belongs to her.

14. Jackie B

Jackie B

Jackie B is 31 from Adamawa state from a family of 12.

She is a single mother and claims she will do everything she needs to do to win. She wants to have fun, flirt!!!

She’s looking forward to the Saturday night party.

15. Tega

Tega – BBNaija

She loves to dance and she says she loves to touch people’s bodies. She said she is on assignment!

She wants to bring spice to the house. In her words, she said “Anything you see, you collect” she claims to be a troubleshooter!

16. Arin

Arin – BBNaija

Arin is an expressive, emotional lady. She is an Artist.

She said she has ashawo face. She wants people to expect fun, engaging conversation, and energy.

She has 17 piercings after closing 7, so she’s pierced herself 24 times!

17. Maria

Maria – BBNaija Housemate

Maria is single and 29-years-old from Imo state. She is a realtor who sells houses in Dubai.

She says she likes honest people and dislikes the thought of being broke or not having money.

She says she’s just here to grab the money and go.

18. Liquorose

Liquorose – BBNaija Housemate

You’ve probably seen her before in music and dance videos. Liquorose is a content creator who admits she can be dramatic without realising it.

She’s 26 years old from Edo State. We can recognize her from the GGB Dance crew and has been dancing since she was 12. She says there are different sides to her: Roseline, Rose, and Liquorose.

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She says she’s bringing her thick thighs to the house and is ready for the drama! “I’m a vibe machine”

19. Beatrice

Beatrice – BBNaija Housemate

Beatrice who is from Port Harcourt, Rivers state is a fashion model. She’s claims she is very calm.

She says she’s here to sell herself and her clothing brand. “I also want to be important,” she adds.

After the show, Beatrice wants to grow her brand and establish her modeling agency. “For now, I’m single,” she says.

20. Princess

Beatrice – BBNaija Housemate

30-year-old Princess hails from Imo State. She’s a taxi driver and she wants to take us for a good ride, she says.

She’s ready for the gbas gbos and the drama. And what you see is what you get.

21. Saskay

Saskay – BBNaija Housemate

Saskay hails from Adamawa state. She is 21 and loves food and dislikes loud people.

She says she is an artist and a model. Sakay is not single, she has a boyfriend “But the foundation no too strong”,

22. Nini

Nini – BBNaija

Nini is 26 and from Edo State. She loves honest people and hates to lose.“I’m not a troublemaker o, but if you bring trouble, you’re gonna get it double.

She owns a fashion brand and is a model. She says she’s quite entertaining and could be dramatic. She’s a “hyper” girl, she says.

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