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Namibians Protest As Mom-Of-One Is Found Dead Six Months After Disappearance2 minutes read



Namibians are protesting the death of a 22-year-old woman who was declared missing in April.

The remains of Shannon Wasserfall, a mom of one, was discovered in a shallow grave in Walvis Bay, south-west of the South African country, following an anonymous tipoff via sms.

The sms had directed police in the country to the exact location of the possible missing person was sent to the police on Tuesday afternoon.

The police followed the tip and made the gruesome discovery of human remains buried in a shallow grave in the sand dunes. They also discovered clothes that the missing Wasserfall was wearing on the day she went missing in Kuisebmond.

Wasserfall was has been missing since 10 April.

Following the discovery demonstrators have poured on the street of Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, to protest against violence towards women.

Wasserfall had dropped off her son at a friend’s house before heading out to meet someone.

Activists have linked her disappearance and death to gender-based violence and have called for investigations to bring those responsible to justice.

Two days before police received the tip, Wasserfall’s mom, Poppie, had pleaded with whoever may have taken her daughter to bring her back safely.

She made the plea at an emotional prayer service held in Shannon’s honour at the town on Saturday, begging members of the public to assist her in finding her daughter.

“If I had done something to anybody, please forgive me. Take me instead and give my baby back. I am willing to give my life. I beg you to give my daughter back. Darlikie [Shannon], if you are alive, come home.

“Mommy needs you. Your son is asking where you are. He needs you. Give us a sign. I am putting everything into the hand of the Lord. I will accept her in any way that I get her back. I need peace. I keep wondering if she is warm, if she ate,” the single mother said in tears.

The event, attended by 50 people only as per Covid-19 regulations, was streamed live on social media platforms for Namibians to join in.


Hoodlums Raid Popular Sports Paper In Nigeria’s Lagos



The spate of looting, an aftermath of the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria, continues as suspected hoodlums on Sunday attacked the offices of a popular sports newspapers in Lagos State.

Dr Mumini Alao, the Group Managing Director of Complete Sports newspapers, in a statement on Sunday, said the hoodlums attacked the head office of the paper in Okota area of Lagos.

He said the suspected hoodlums forced their way into the company and ransacked the offices.

“The hoodlums came very early on Sunday morning, October 25, 2020. They attacked our office security guards, tied them up, and proceeded to ransack several offices in the building,” Alao said.

“Luckily for us, one of the guards escaped to raise the alarm, thus forcing the fleeing hoodlums to abandon some of their loot, including a Toyota Corolla car, Apple desktop, HP laptop, and several mobile phones taken from our premises.

“The incident has been reported at the Okota Police station, while two of our personnel that were injured by the hoodlums have been treated at a private hospital.”

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Parliament in Somalia endorses new PM Roble’s Cabinet

The new Cabinet formed includes eight women – four ministers, a State minister and three deputy ministers.

Bernard Akede



The new Cabinet formed

The new Cabinet formed last Monday by Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, has been approved by the Lower House of the country’s Federal Parliament.

A list of 71 ministers, State ministers and deputy ministers was presented by the Premier to the legislators, stating that their selection was based on their integrity and capacities.

“I have selected the ministers upon closely examining their abilities to deliver services to the people,” he said in a brief speech.

All MPs present, 188 in number, voted in favour of the new Cabinet by show of hands.

The new Cabinet formed includes eight women – four ministers, a State minister and three deputy ministers. 

While delivering a speech to seek parliamentary approval of his portfolio holders and political programme, PM Roble emphasized the zeal of his government to tackle the country’s most pressing issues, particularly insecurity as well as the smooth running of the anticipated general election in 2020 and 2021.

The return of most of the deposed PM’s Cabinet members had been anticipated by many analysts.

However, in the new Cabinet formed, a number senior ministers lost positions. Among them were the holders of the Defense, Internal Security, Interior, Information and Education dockets.

The ministers of Commerce and Industry as well as Public Works did not appear in the new list.

Those who retained their positions in the cabinet include Deputy PM Mahdi Mohamed Guled alias Khadar, Foreign minister Ambassador Ahmed Issa Awad and Finance minister Dr Abdirahman Dualeh Beile.

Others are Health minister Dr Fawzia Abikar Nur and Planning minister Jamal Mohamed Hussein.

The new Cabinet comprises of 27 ministers, 27 deputy ministers and 17 state ministers.

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Doctors Without Borders Launches Mass Casualty Plan After School Shooting In Cameroon



Following this morning’s school shooting in Kumba, South-West Cameroon, Doctors Without Borders launched a mass casualty plan.

According to a press statement, the group responded with ambulance service and surgical care in the Presbyterian General Hospital (PGH), Kumba.

Doctors Without Borders received a total of ten patients between the ages of 10 and 15. Of these patients, five were referred to other hospitals for specialist treatment through our ambulance service; four continue to receive treatment in PGH; and tragically, one patient was pronounced dead on arrival.

“As a medical humanitarian organisation we lament the tragic loss of life in the Kumba community. This attack, which saw children gunned down while attending school, was a reprehensible and indecent act. Civilian structures including schools and hospitals must not be targets, ” said Alberto Jodra Marcos, Emergency Coordinator for Doctors Without Borders in South-West Cameroon.

It would be recalled that Gunmen stormed the Mother Francisca College in Kumba in southwestern Cameroon on Saturday, killing at least eight schoolchildren and wounding eight more.

One parent who was just outside the school at the time of the attack said the gunmen arrived on motorbikes and in civilian clothes in the middle of the day before shooting the children indiscriminately.

It was not clear if the attack was linked to the ongoing struggle between the army and groups attempting to form a breakaway state called Ambazonia in the English-speaking west.

A local witness in the area said Ambazonian fighters were responsible for the bloodshed.

“Ambazonian fighters arrived [at] the school… started shooting into the classes. They say the students are traitors for attending classes when they have called for an effective school boycott in the Northwest and Southwest regions… we ran into the house for safety. It was so terrifying,” he said on condition of anonymity.

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