Nigeria introduces new visa policy

Nigeria has relaxed its immigration regulations in a new visa policy unveiled by the president, interior minister and other top technocrats at the presidency this week.

The enhanced visa policy, comes on the back of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA)’s signing in a move that primarily seeks to attract foreign investors as well as boost trade in Africa’s biggest economy and most populous nation.

The new directives provide for a visa on arrival for citizens of African Union member countries, while visitors interested in tourism and entertainment will benefit from a new electronic visa.According to Nigeria’s President, “This new Visa Policy will advance our goal of building a globally competitive economy, by helping attract Innovation and specialized skills and knowledge from abroad, to complement locally available ones. We are sending a message to the world that Nigeria is Open for Business

Special Short Visa classes (single entry) will favour Journalists, Clerics, Sportspeople, Artists/Entertainers/Musicians, Religious Tourists, Humanitarian Workers, etc.

This means foreigners (Africans) coming to Nigeria for a short visit, business purpose or for tourism, will be given a legal stay for up to 90 days but the individual has to have a valid passport.

According to the Nigerian immigration, “The document contains a range of Visa administration reforms efforts aimed at simplifying processes & making Nigeria the preferred investment and tourism destination.”


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