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COVID-19 Test Accuracy Should Be Improved – NMA

The organization called for adequate protection for its members as the COVID-19 infection gets more frightening.



The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has drawn the attention of the Federal government to doctors and other health workers who are in the forefront of the fight against the Coronavirus, urging the government to provide comprehensive life insurance for them as they risk their lives in the line of duty.

The Nigerian Medical Association also asked the government to improve upon the accuracy of the testing of Coronavirus.

In addition, the organization called for adequate protection for its members as the COVID-19 infection gets more frightening.

The Nigerian Medical Association went further to complain about the remuneration of the doctors and other health workers who have been helping to contain the spread of the virus, stating that they were being paid abysmally low hazard allowance, and adding that there there are insufficient  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available to doctors and other health workers in the frontline.

The Chairman of The Nigerian Medical Association in the nation’s capital Abuja, Dr. Enema Amodu, said this in a statement issued on Sunday.

He said, “Over the last few days, I have received several calls and messages on the 20 doctors that died across the country from the deadly Coronavirus within a week. The focus seemed to have shifted away from the facts of the matter to the sensationalism now attached to it.

“The fact remains that doctors and other health workers are being paid abysmally low hazard allowance.

“There are not enough PPE’s available to doctors and other health workers in the frontline.

“The turnaround time and accuracy of the testing for the Coronavirus should be improved upon.

“Isolation centers should be properly equipped with drugs and personnel to manage cases as they come.

“This is a clarion call by the Nigerian doctors on behalf of her members and other colleagues in the frontline to protect us while we discharge our duties.

“The Nigerian Medical Association wishes to appreciate the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari who has reacted to our cry and has promised to improve on the welfare packages of doctors; and also the Honorable Minister of FCT, Mallam Mohammed Musa Bello who ensured the prompt payment of hazard allowance to FCT doctors.

“Once again, we mourn with our colleague’s family that have died. While we pray for their gallant souls to rest in peace, we also pray for those of us alive to remain so in good health.”

As of today, Nigeria has recorded over 84,400 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with over 1,200 of them unfortunately resulting in deaths.

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Algeria to Share COVID-19 Vaccines With Tunisia



Algeria has promised to share some of their doses of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines with neighbours, Tunisia, a government official has revealed.

Tunisia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Othman Jerandi, says Algeria agreed to share the vaccines in in the spirit of fraternity between the two countries.

Algeria, which have already ordered the vaccines, expects to have them by the end of the month.

“Among the calls I made during this time, I had a call with my counterpart, the Algerian foreign minister, about the possibility of receiving some vaccines from Algeria.,” Jerandi said.

“The foreign minister responded positively and directly, saying that Algeria did not receive the vaccines yet, but the moment they receive them they will share them with its sister Tunis.”

It is not clear how many doses Algeria has ordered, nor how many each country needs to battle the virus effectively. However, reports said the country ordered Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine – with 500,000 doses due in the first delivery – as well as another vaccine from China.

Algeria’s President Abdelmadjid Tebboune recently returned to Germany for a final phase of treatment after he caught coronavirus three months ago.

Tunisia, with a population of 12 million, has registered more than 5,000 deaths from coronavirus.

Its government imposed a four-day lockdown on 14 January to control the spread of the virus.

Algeria meanwhile has had 2,822 deaths and around 30,000 active cases, according to data published by Johns Hopkins university.

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COVID-19 Vaccines to Arrive Nigeria, Other Countries in February – Okonjo-Iweala



The World Health Organisation (WHO) envoy on Covid-19, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, says the physical quantities of Covid-19 vaccines will begin to arrive in 12 middle and low-income countries that have indicated readiness to receive the vaccines from late February.

Nigeria is one of the 12.

Okonjo-Iweala, a Board Chair of Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) a public-private global health partnership with the goal of increasing access to immunisation in poor countries, said that the aim of COVAX sending the vaccines to the 12vcountries is to ensure that 20% of the respective population is vaccinated.

COVAX is co-led by Gavi, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and WHO and aims at accelerating the development and manufacture of Covid-19 vaccines, and to guarantee fair and equitable access for every country in the world.

“As at now, with the scramble going on, the COVAX facility has been able to contract 1.9 billion doses of vaccines for all these countries and 88 countries have put in their request from all over the world, of this 88, 42 are African countries.

“In the assessment twelve of the African countries have said they are ready to receive vaccines now and I am happy to say Nigeria is one of them,” Okonjo-Iweala said.

She added further that: “What we are trying to do is with COVAX, is to try as quickly as feasible is to get vaccines to the (African) continent. COVAX expects that by the first quarter of this year and hopefully starting maybe late February, actual physical quantities of vaccines will begin to get to those countries that are ready and the aim is to send vaccines that will vaccinate twenty per cent of the population, beginning with twenty per cent.

“The prioritization is for frontline workers, those who are dealing with the medical issues to be vaccinated first and then the rest of the population according to criteria to be agreed by the government.

“Of those vaccines, AstraZeneca vaccines which are easier to distribute because they don’t require such cold conditions are good for our country, so we hope to get AstraZeneca. Also, we are looking at Novavax, Johnson & Johnson as well as Pfizer. So those are the vaccines that are in play right now that are being discussed and contracted for delivery when the time comes.”

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Nigeria Records Daily Highest Cases Of COVID-19 Again



Nigeria on Friday recorded yet another daily highest cases of COVID-19 with 1867 new infections.

These new infections have increased the total number of cases to 107,345 with 1413 deaths also reported so far.

Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial epicentre reported 713 cases on the day while Plateau reported 273 cases. The federal capital territory and Kaduna also reported more than 100 cases each.

The total number of cases were recorded in 23 states. On January 6, Nigeria had reported 1,664 cases in what was then the daily highest.

In the last 7 days, more than 13,000 samples have been found positive for COVID-19 across Nigeria while there have been spikes in case fatalities too with 8 recorded on Friday.

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On the same day, more than 500 recoveries were reported with Lagos recording 277. Kaduna had 150 and Plateau had 78 recoveries.

Nigeria has recorded more than 13,000 cases in the past 9 days.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government has insisted schools must reopen with increasing cases, despite precautions taken to limit transmission.

The second wave of COVID-19 has proven to be more devastating than the first as it has taken more lives and infected more people.

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