Nigerian Troops Neutralise Dozens of Boko Haram Insurgents in Lake Chad

Nigerian Troops Neutalise Dozens of Boko Haram Insurgents in Lake Chad (News Central TV)

During recent operations in the Lake Chad Basin, MNJTF troops killed dozens of militants and detained more than 40 others.

This was announced in a statement released on Wednesday in N’Djamena, Chad, by Lt.-Col. Kamarudeen Adegoke, Chief of Military Public Information for MNJTF.

During the clearing and stabilisation operations that were carried out in the area from January 18 to 29, according to Adegoke, the forces also destroyed a number of terrorist camps.

In addition, 87 militants from Boko Haram and the Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) surrendered too.

Adegoke said that on January 22 and 23, in Sector 1, Cameroon, forces carried out ambush operations in the general area of Kolofata-Kirawa, apprehended one terrorist alive, and collected a sizable amount of various foodstuffs.

He claims that the Sector has been actively establishing dominance over its territory through land and sea operations, particularly in places like Tchika, Gore Kendi, and Kerena, among others.

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He claimed that in Sector 2, Chad, the military has suppressed the terrorists’ freedom of movement by controlling the marine region from Bagalam-Kongalam to Koulfoua.

According to the MNJTF spokesman, this caused roughly 3,000 civilians in the general Bakatorolorom area to return.

Adegoke added that on January 18 and January 23, Nigerian forces from Sector 3 intercepted a Boko Haram logistics supplier in Baga who was carrying motorbike spare parts.

When the terrorists saw the troops approaching on January 27, he continued, they ran and abandoned two motorcycles, two hand grenades, and several terrorist clothing.

Adegoke claimed that on January 21 and 23, Sector 4 Niger troops, with the assistance of Sector 3 Nigeria and other allies, carried out a raid operation on a terrorist camp in Matari near the Nigeria/Nigeria border.

According to him, the well-conducted special forces operation led to the destruction of the terrorists’ camp, neutralisation of over a dozen terrorists, destruction of their equipment and capture of two high-value target criminals.

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“There was no casualty on our forces’ side as they were successfully extricated.

“The courageous troops of Sector 4, Niger, acting on intelligence reports, also swooped on three suspected terrorists logisticians in Nguigmi market on Jan. 29 in Niger Republic.

“They were trying to buy supplies for suspected BHT/ISWAP key leaders hiding in the Lake Chad, a total sum of N1.2 million (old notes) and CFA160,000 were recovered.

“The criminals are in custody undergoing further profiling.

“On same day, troops of Sector 4 in continuing offensive operations conducted a special forces raid operation in Afofo forest in Niger Republic and destroyed a terrorist camp and captured 36 suspected criminals.

“In the process of withdrawing from this operations, the troops intercepted a FJ45 Toyota vehicle loaded with assorted pharmaceutical products possibly being ferried to the Lake Chad areas,” he said.

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According to Adegoke, 77 terrorists, including fighters and their families, have surrendered to MNJTF Sector 4 forces in the last two weeks in response to kinetic and non-kinetic MNJTF efforts.

A total of 85 terrorists surrendered over the time period, he continued, with eight more doing so to Sector 1, Cameroon, and Sector 2, Chad troops.

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