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Nigeria’s MePlaylist Appoints Beyonce’s Father As President, Global Marketing and Communications3 minutes read



Nigerian on-demand music streaming platform, Meplaylist has announced the appointment of Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles and Michael Kay Kiladejo as members of its global executive team.

According to a statement issued on Tuesday by Edward Israel-Ayide, Media Contact, Meplaylist, the appointment of the duo followed their investment earlier in the year in the on-demand music streaming startup, Meplaylist.

It said that the two notable investors have expressed their optimism about the growth of streaming in the wider African market on a dedicated panel at this year’s Midem Digital in June.

Knowles, widely recognized in the industry for developing and promoting award-winning artists, from his iconic daughters Beyoncé and Solange to Chaka Khan, Earth Wind & Fire and Destiny’s Child, Knowles has achieved record sales exceeding 450 million worldwide.

He becomes President, Global Marketing and Communications, leading and delivering all global marketing and communication initiatives, to position MePlaylist as a key player on the international music streaming landscape for the Nigerian-born platform.

The Destiny’s Child manager who is however going to be operating from the U.S. said: “l look forward to my new role with MePlaylist and it gives me a deep sense of pride to partner with two incredible African men in a music streaming space that where people of colour are not represented enough.

“Our goal at MePlaylist is to bring awareness to the many incredible artists and a plethora of African music genres.

“We want to take African music out of the generalized “World Music” category and give it the many powerful voices it deserves”.

On his part, Michael Kay Kiladejo who is based in London, assumes the role of President, Global Licensing and Content Acquisition.

Kiladejo will generate leads, engaging global content delivery partners and rights holders to make trending and multiple genres available to MePlaylist users.

Michael began his career in music as a teenage songwriter signed to Sony in the ‘90s and co-founded the label, Sony Music Publishing (UK).

He played a major part in the writing, production and development of the girl group “Choice”, whose lead singer is now popularly known to the world as ‘Pink’.

The group signed to Laface records and Pink’s debut album, Can’t Take Me Home, went multi-platinum.

Michael also consulted on the early development of Amy Winehouse and has written, produced and collaborated in an executive capacity with artists, including Jermaine Stewart and Kool & the Gang.

Speaking on his new role at Meplaylist, he said: “It is immensely gratifying to be embarking on this venture, at a time when Africa holds so much untapped potential to yield the next generation of global superstars.

“In this moment of great change and growth, it is a huge privilege for me to be working with my esteemed colleagues, to present MePlaylist, a streaming platform whose mission statement is to diversify the menu and enrich the global music palette.”

Speaking on behalf of the MePlaylist Board, Founder and Global Lead, Business Development, Olakunle Oladehin expressed excitement and great optimism about the appointments.

He said that the appointees will boost the platform’s global collaboration opportunities and extend its frontiers way beyond the shores of Africa.

“Our global footprint now matches our business outlook. Very much in line with our company values, this demonstration of inclusion and diversity sets a great tone for what the future will look like,” Oladehin said.

MePlaylist has inked deals in the past few months with several music rights owning entities around the world to boost its catalogue by millions of tracks and is currently in talks to add more by the end of the year.

Meplaylist is a subscription and ads based on-demand music streaming platform with an intuitive and unique interface to access unlimited music.

The service collects data about user tastes and preferences to create custom-curated playlists for users to listen to. MePlaylistTM is available on the Google Play Store and all web browser services. (NAN)

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Culture and Tourism

Death Threats Are Being Sent To Mr Macaroni

Samagbeyi afolasade



Nigerian, comedian, actor, content developer, social media influencer and entrepreneur; Debo Adebayo, popularly known as Mr Macaroni, said he has been threatened severally since the first day he started protesting and he is not ready to back out, he revealed that he has not said anything about it because it is a normal thing that happens in protests to make people back out, and he is saying it now to create awareness and not because he is fearful.

In his words; “Since the very first day I stepped out into the streets up till yesterday even before leaving Alausa, I have been threatened severally. I don’t tweet about them because it is normal in protests. I am safe presently but I am being threatened!! No be fear!! Na Awareness!!!! ✊🏿”

Mr Macaroni is One of the public figures that has passionately protested for the #ENDSARS movement. Recently, in an interview with award winning media personality; Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, when Mr Macaroni was asked why he felt it was necessary for the President to physically speak on the ongoing protest, he said “when you are in a state where your citizens are crying to you, you have no business sending tweets to us, because where was this energy when you wanted to be president ?. If you are on top of the situation, you should everyday give a situation report”

Speaking on the Lekki toll gate situation, Debo Adebayo said, “Like I said yesterday, for now, the only option we have is to stay safe!! The government has shown that they will stop at nothing to intimidate, silence, threaten and kill us!!! The same government that should be protecting us is killing us!!! Stay safe!! Stay Conscious!!! Except no be say na better Nigeria all of us dey fight for!!!! This oppression no go last!!!
Alausa!!! Please take cover!!! We don’t want to lose any more lives!! Please!!!! Our lives don’t mean anything to the government and they are killing us at will!!! Please guys!!!

…Watching that young man suffer for everyone of us!!! No one deserves to be in that kind of pain for demanding for a better Nigeria!!! What have the Nigerian youths done to deserve being killed in broad day light by their own government?? We can’t let this slide!!!”

Still speaking to the government on the issue of using brute force to handle the ongoing situation in Nigeria, as well as addressing the youths of Nigeria, Mr Macaroni said; “Truth is that we need to remain peaceful!! We cannot become the same thing we are protesting against!! We cannot continue to lose more innocent lives. We need to align our thoughts and educate ourselves!! Since we are all leaders, we all must take responsibility!! #EndSARS

This is happening because we refused to meet violence with violence!! So many times we have maintained peace on the protest grounds and what do we get?? More violence!! We are decent and the government know that and they continue to use that against us!! #EndSARS

The government wants us to believe they are working to meet our demands but they can’t even guarantee the safety and security of peaceful protesters and innocent citizens from thugs!! What exactly do they think we have been fighting for??? #EndSARS

Only if government can take action today! The president should address the Nigerian Youths and announce that all our concerns have been taken care of. Peaceful protesters will leave the streets to re-strategize and be ready to hold the government accountable anytime!! #Endsars”

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”Make It Normal To Stop Judging People’s Actions Based On Post” -Beyonce’s Publicist Replies Tiwa Savage

Samagbeyi afolasade



Award-winning actress, Tiwa Savage, recently beckoned on American celebrities such as Beyonce, and international brands not to keep mute over the ongoing agitation for an end to police brutality in Nigeria.

This call on Beyonce and her team using their platform to speak on the #EndSars protest, however didn’t sit right with Beyonce and her team as Yvette Noel-Schure, Beyonce’s publicist gave a reply to Tiwa Savage.

She said; “not all activists live on Social media. Not all Doers look for validation, nor your approval. Not all work is for a photo OP. Make it normal to stop judging people’s actions based on posts. Posts don’t make you an activist. Actions make you an activist. Whether in the background or out in these streets. We all choose a different path to get it done. Blessed are those who do not see yet they believe. Actions speak louder than posts! Stop Judging! S.T.O.P!!!”

In a very emotional and enthusiastic video Tiwa released on her Instagram page, the Koroba crooner said, “I have so much to tell you and so many emotions are going through me. Nigerians are special people but the country is bad. Because we are strong, we don’t realise how bad our country is. We are not protesting for basic needs because we are not used to having it in the first place. A lot of privileged people feel that these happenings do not concern them because they have alternatives but what if there is an unforeseen incident and your money or affluence cannot save you?

All we are asking for is to stay alive and they still want to stop that? There is corruption everywhere in the world but when you take, give back. We all lent our support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement using our social media platforms, even if we were not physically present. We also need support from the world. I was so proud to be involved in Beyonce’s Black is King: The Gift album. Do not quote me out of context but I want to use my platform to call on Beyoncé and the whole team that reached out to all of us to use their voice and platform for us too. The country that birthed these celebrated afrobeat talents is on fire. You cannot ignore us or be quiet at this time

Tiwa Savage emphasized that she knows she may be criticised for speaking out and blacklisted for making these videos “I know that I may be blacklisted by these outpourings but we know what the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti stood for and we have to stand for the same things too. For everyone that has given us a platform, I am grateful but I call on them to also use their platforms for Nigerians. What is happening now is deeper than police brutality. I don’t want the government to frustrate us. The government will not win this time, we would win.”

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Beyonce Knowles’s Mum Talks About #ENDSARS Movement While Hinting That Tiwa Savage Should Have Reached Out To Beyonce’s Team

Samagbeyi afolasade



It is no news that the #ENDSARS protest has now gained international recognition. Days back, Tiwa Savage made a video beckoning on Beyonce and other international brands to lend their voices, as Nigerian youths take on the streets. Tina Lawson has openly come out to say how displeased she is about Tiwa’s move, and Tiwa Savage could have reached out to Beyonce personally as opposed to taking it to her Instagram to call her daughter out.
Tina Lawson revealed that since the release of The gift album, and Beyonce’s movie; “black is King”, a lot of people have had something to say, which in most cases, are not so pleasant, some suggesting Beyonce could have used the whole of African creatives instead of a selected few.

She also expresses her displeasure about the injustice that have been going on in Nigeria and more particularly in Lagos last night, stressing that she and her family just like everyone else, have real issues, and she had recently just heard about SARS, and all that they represent just last week, and it’s very unlike her not to have said anything about it, but for her infrequent use of social media.

“I am deeply saddened by the events that happened last night in Lagos! When people lost their lives and were beaten and abused. I understand the injustices that have been going on in Nigeria, it sickens me. SARS came to my attention last week and immediately I posted about it! I had not heard of it before as I have not been following closely Instagram as much as I usually do due to some serious personal family challengesI As a result I have been mostly posting funny things to try to make people smile.

After researching on line I understood that SARS (a special task force supposedly to stop crime) were abusing their power and harassing young people. Very much like what we have been protesting for , here in America. Everyday we are disproportionatly stoped harassed jailed and sometimes killed ! These senseless killings of our black men and women! The brutal treatment of our people by law enforcement ! No knock warrants etc.

Of course I guess much of the public does not think we have personal problems in our family . We are supposed to be super human and not have loss, or health issues or personal problems because our sole purpose is supposed to be of service and humility and take as much abuse from the haters as they choose to put on us. No matter what my daughter does she is scrutinized and torn apart! She Makes a record and uses all African artist, producers, writers.

She is criticized because She didn’t get artist from every country in Africa there are 52 countries! Then she makes a film that by the way she doesn’t profit a penny off of, because she spent every penny in the budget on making something that celebrates our heritage! What profiting off of you did she do? She made art!! She is an artist! That is what artist do. She is not your political leader and not your whipping board. They saw a 30 second trailer and critics and couch activist attacked! !!! yes I said it and I meant it! They came out and did their usual thing about her being a culture vulture and saying some of the most ugly and vile things about her that were totally not true and insults galore

Someone that was on the last project who BTW is in constant contact with her team decided that instead of contacting her team and asking her to post to assist in spreading the word . I am appalled that They would get on social media and do it !! Why not ask the people you are dealing with all the time????? On her team!! I don’t understand that !!! I am sure at the time she was not thinking straight because of the trauma that the country was facing but come on!!!!!! I have had enough of the hating and am personally tired of the attacks.

And it is disgusting how people sit behind a computer and talk crap all day and many of them do absolutely nothing else ! It is so easy to post ! Don’t get me wrong posting is very important that’s why I do it every day about social issues. It spreads the word and that is important But everybody has a right to activate in their own way. If we do us , and focus on what WE can do and not expect Beyonce to do exactly what she is told when you tell her to do it! Then we would get it done better.

When I made my post it was not about any group of people and certainly not the Nigerian People ! Only the attackers and haters that no matter what she does you feel entitled to bully someone and take credit for bullying her into making a by a statement !! By the way many people are just posting today because it has gone to the next level after last nights tragic events.

Are you critics attacking them? Sorry if I offended anyone just trying to make a statement for change and asking for help ! I was not talking to you ! Those comments were for the rude attackers that rudely ,constantly come for us in a vile and abusive way ! Trying to bully and shame us into submission just like the oppressors. We not your whipping board . I am not here for it! You do not run me and bully me I will fight back. You don’t take credit for bullying her to post ! I pray everyday for Nigeria and all countries that are being abused and murdered for the color of our skin!!! I would do anything to help but stop with the abuse and stop trying to make her your spokesperson and shaming people for doing things in their own way!!!!” She said.

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