Outrage as Notorious Bandits Leader Aliero Gets Chieftaincy Title in Northern Nigeria

Outrage as Notorious Bandits Leader Allegedly Gets Chieftaincy Title in Northern Nigeria (News Central TV)

The Yandoton Daji Emirate in Zamfara State allegedly turbaned Ado Aliero, a notorious bandit, as Sarkin Fulanin Yandoto on Saturday. The turbaning ceremony took place hours after the emirate declared the suspension of the procedure.

The Zamfara State House of Assembly revised Law No. 15 of 2000 Establishing the Zamfara State Emirate Council in May to permit the formation of two extra emirate councils.

According to the law, there are two emirate councils: the first is the ‘Yandoton Daji Emirate, which has its headquarters in Birnin ‘Yandoto and includes the districts of ‘Yandoton Daji, Keta, Kizara, Bawa-Ganga, Kwaren-Ganuwa, Danjibga, and Kunchin-Kalgo.

Aliero was paid for the turbaning that Yandoto Alhaji Aliyu Marafa performed on him on Saturday. However, the procedure was stopped on the state government’s orders a few hours before the ceremony.

The emirate’s recent local peace process arrangement with the bandits terrorising Tsafe Local Government Area was the basis for the decision to bestow the title on the banditry leader.

The council chairman of Tsafe Local Government and the state commissioner of security and home affairs, DIG Ibrahim Mamman Tsafe, both participated in the turbaning ceremony, which was held in the palace of the Emir of Yandoton Daji (rtd).

About 52 people were killed during a raid on Kadisau, a village in the Faskari Local Government Area of Katsina State, which was spearheaded by the bandits’ leader.

Soon after, the Katsina State Police Command offered N5 million for information leading to his capture. Since then, he has orchestrated many attacks on local villages in the Zamfara and Katsina states’ Tsafe and Faskari local governments.

The development has prompted an eruption from social media users in Nigeria. A Twitter user with the handle @Necessary_Cho said; “The turbaning of bandit leader, Ado Aleru, a most-wanted criminal, an enemy of state, should be treated for what it is — a treasonable felony. Yandoton Tsafe has gone rogue, strip him of the title & press charges immediately. We shouldn’t be timid about this dangerous precedence.”

Another twitter user said @FS_Yusuf_ tweeted; “Nigerian Police declared a notorious terrorist kingpin in Zamfara wanted, same Police attended the turbaning ceremony of the terrorist in Zamfara.

See ehn, judgement day make them no just ask me any question, make God just open gate make I enter because I don see things”

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