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Over 220 Injured in Deadly Nairobi Gas Blast

Nairobi Gas Blast Claims Two Lives and Injures Over 220

A gas blast occurred in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, resulting in the deaths of at least two people and injuries to more than 220 individuals. The incident took place in the Embakasi district around 23:30 local time when a gas-carrying truck exploded, creating a massive fireball. The gas blast damaged residential buildings, businesses, and vehicles in the vicinity.

Initially reported as an incident at a gas plant, the cause of the blast is still under investigation. The blast caused a widespread fire, with a flying gas cylinder hitting a garments and textiles warehouse and leading to its destruction. The fire spread through several apartment complexes in the area.

Witnesses reported feeling tremors immediately after the explosion, and the fire caused significant panic among residents. Many of the injured suffered from inhalation injuries, including at least 25 children.

Rescue operations are underway, with the Kenya Red Cross and other emergency response teams working to control the flames. The government has set up a command centre to coordinate rescue efforts, and a secure area has been cordoned off.

The government spokesman, Isaac Mwaura, urged the public to stay away from the affected area to facilitate the ongoing rescue mission with minimal disruptions. The cause of the gas blast is yet to be determined.

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