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President Ruto Urges MPs to Support Affordable Housing Programme

Kenya's President William Ruto in Japan for bilateral talks (News Central TV)

President William Ruto has criticised Members of Parliament (MPs) from the government coalition who oppose the Affordable Housing Programme, emphasising its importance in reducing unemployment in the country.

Speaking at the Kenya Kwanza Parliamentary Group meeting in Naivasha on Monday, the president reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to completing the housing project, which has met hurdles in prior administrations.

“I don’t think there is anyone who needs persuasion on housing. Do we still have anybody who has any doubts, surely? For the places where housing projects have started in Ruiru, crime has gone down,” President Ruto said.

While some Kenya Kwanza Alliance lawmakers have opposed the affordable housing project, President Ruto urged MPs to support government initiatives, reminding them that their re-election prospects would depend on project delivery.

“I want to ask MPs to pay special attention to what we are doing because we are setting the exam of 2027. You have a leakage, what you do with it is your problem. Infact go and map out where market centers will be,” said President Ruto.

He emphasised the employment potential of the housing project, aiming to create 300,000 jobs by the year’s end, and criticised opponents of the program, urging a focus on job creation rather than levy deductions.

“Forget about the levy; let us talk about the jobs. The people who don’t want the program will tell you about the levy but those who want it will tell you about the jobs and decent households,” Ruto said.

President Ruto expressed gratitude to the judiciary for enabling revenue generation through the Affordable Housing Program, following a High Court ruling deeming the levy discriminatory.

Despite the Affordable Housing Bill needing Senate scrutiny for consensus, tensions between the National Government and devolved units persist regarding housing policy and planning, falling under the jurisdiction of counties.

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