Prime Minister of D.R. Congo Resigns

After a censure by the East African country’s National Assembly, the Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo has resigned.

Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba resigned on Friday, in a move that will see Congolese President, Felix Tsishekedi appoint a new Prime Minister.

A statement from the Presidency said Ilunga had carefully studied the cons of a potentially heated political situation, hence his decision.


Ilunga and Tsishekedi, former political allies have been at loggerheads after the President founded the Sacred Union with his political friends.

Ilunga is a closer associate of former President, Joseph Kabila, who has had a disagreement with his successor for a while now.

Tsishekedi’s Sacred Union is expected to control the Parliament as part of its efforts to control the entirety of the political powers in Congo DR.


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