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Repentant Female Boko Haram Insurgents Express Concern Over Lack of Suitors

Concerns have been raised regarding the reintegration of former female Boko Haram members into society. A significant issue is their difficulty finding male spouses, which has become a major challenge.

These women now settled in various communities, report that law-abiding men avoid them, causing distress among community leaders.

Reports indicate that around 162,000 female Boko Haram members have surrendered. However, men are reportedly hesitant to engage in any form of romantic or marital relationship with these women.

“These ladies desperately want to marry or remarry, but men seem scared of them, as no suitors approach them with such a proposal,” a ward head at Old Maiduguri, Modu Grema Wakil, said.
He mentioned that if the women settled down easily, it would encourage others to surrender and come home.

He added that societal stigma is waning and is therefore not a factor hindering them from settling down. He said the inability to marry or remarry may make them go back on their repentance.

Also, Zuwaira Gambo, the Borno State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, described the desire of the repentant female Boko Haram members to marry as a positive development, as it would help stabilise them in a law-abiding society.

Through the collaborative effort of the state government and the NGO, Allamin Foundation, a database will be created for the same purpose.

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