Rwanda’s Ruling Party Elects Woman as Deputy to Kagame


The Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF-Inkotanyi), the country’s ruling party, elected its first female vice-chairperson on Sunday as President Paul Kagame kept the chairmanship.

The RNC Party is emphasising the importance of female representation with their decision to elect Consolee Uwimana, who garnered 93% of the 1,945 votes cast. Ms. Uwimana brings a wealth of experience to this role; she’s a former senator and successful businesswoman in the banking industry.

Looking towards 2024, the RNC Party is making sure that its top leadership represents all citizens of Rwanda by keeping ethnicity quotas balanced.

Rwanda's Ruling Party Elects Woman As Deputy to Kagame (News Central TV)

This past Sunday, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda was elected based on a referendum that removed the two-term limit for presidents.

An overwhelming majority of votes—99.8%—were collected in his favour and he will remain the head of the ruling party. This result reflects Rwanda’s initiatives in support of gender equality: with one of the highest proportions of female parliamentarians, it is meeting its goals in terms of representation and participation.


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