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Security Forces Teargas Demonstrators at DR Congo Embassies

Demonstrators Met With Tear Gas in DR Congo as Embassies Become Targets

Riot police are swiftly responding to a limited number of demonstrators who are intermittently assembling outside various foreign embassies in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo)

These protesters level accusations against Western diplomats, alleging their complicity with Rwanda, whom they hold responsible for supporting the M23 rebel faction, thus fueling unrest in eastern DR Congo. Despite persistent claims, Rwanda vehemently denies any involvement.

The vicinity of the UK, US, and French embassies is heavily guarded by a sizable contingent of law enforcement officers.

In the Gombe district of Kinshasa, international schools and businesses owned by expatriates have opted to remain closed, fearing reprisals from demonstrators.

A minority of protesters are seen moving about the area, setting ablaze car tyres, and desecrating the American and Belgian flags.

During a recent discussion with stakeholders on Sunday, DR Congo’s Foreign Minister Christophe Lutundula assured measures to safeguard UN peacekeepers, Western diplomats, and foreign embassies.

The ongoing conflict in the North Kivu province, where M23 insurgents operate, has led to the internal displacement of nearly seven million people. Over the past two weeks, the escalation in hostilities between Congolese government forces and the M23 has forced over 100,000 individuals to flee their residences.

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