Ship Refloats After Running Aground in Egypt’s Suez Canal

Ship Refloats After Running Aground in Egypt’s Suez Canal (News Central TV)

After briefly halting traffic in the Suez Canal, which is essential for international trade, a ship has been refloated.

Around 10am Egypt time, the Suez Canal Authority reported that tugboats are towing the M/V Glory.

According to Leth Agencies, which offers services to ships passing through the Suez Canal, the roughly 20 ships that were prevented from passing south through the canal would begin their journeys at 11 a.m. with very minimal delays.

The Glory is a bulk carrier, which means it moves loose goods like grains. It is just slightly longer than the huge vessel known as the Ever Given, which closed the Suez Canal in 2021. The Ever Given became trapped in part because it was wider than the canal and longer.

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The Glory experienced a “sudden technical failure,” according to the SCA. According to a spokesperson for Inchcape Shipping Services, it was stuck for four hours after entering the northern end of the canal early on Monday. He continued, saying that 38 kilometres (23.6 miles) into the trip, one of the ship’s engine cylinders developed a mechanical issue.

The 400-metre-long (1,312-foot) Ever Given container ship got stuck lengthwise across the channel in 2021, blocking the Suez for about a week and snarling marine traffic in both directions. The tragedy disrupted international trade and shipping markets.

According to the website of Greek owner Target Marine SA, The Glory is 225 metres long. The actual waterway measures about 300 metres in width.

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