Somali Terror Couple Jailed For 15 Years

Somali Terror Couple Jailed for 15 years (News Central TV)

A military court in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, has found a Somali couple guilty of terrorism under the Islamic State (IS) branch.

On Thursday, Dayib Moalim Hassan and his wife Halima Abdi Mursal were recognized as members of the terrorist group Daesh using the aliases Mustaf and Hawa. They were each given a 15-year sentence.

In March of this year, Somali security forces apprehended them with ingredients and equipment for manufacturing bomb devices.

Hassan was in charge of manufacturing the explosive devices, while his wife, Mursal, was in charge of recruitment, according to the court.

The couple employed the aliases Mustafa and Hawa, according to the prosecution. According to the suspects, their jihadist boss had arranged their marriage under such aliases.

Clemency was requested by the couple’s lawyers. Judge Colonel Mohamed Abdi Mumin pronounced the verdict, which sentenced each to 15 years in prison.

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