Somalia to Hold Elections in 60 Days

The Government of Somalia has announced that the delayed elections would now be held within 60 days, following months of deadlock over the vote that erupted into violence in the troubled country.

The Prime Minister called for a meeting of all political leaders last Saturday where they all agreed to hold elections within the next 60 days.

Deputy minister of information, Abdirahman Yusuf disclosed this while reading the communiqué

The exact dates would be determined by the committee in charge of organizing the elections, the FEIT.

The election will maintain the same indirect electoral system used in Somalia in the past, where special delegates nominated by clan head select parliamentarians, who in turn nominate the president.

Speaking on the development, the Prime Minister described the day as “a historic” one where the talks had been marked by “respect, patience and compromise.”

He affirmed his commitment to overseeing a fair and inclusive election process and called upon the parties involved to reconcile and open their hearts to each other.


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