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South African Police Arrest Man for Disrupting VIP Motorcade

Arrest Made After Disruption of VIP Motorcade in South Africa

In South Africa’s Gauteng province, authorities have apprehended a 57-year-old man on charges of disrupting a motorcade convoy tasked with escorting a foreign dignitary to the airport.

Scheduled to face charges of reckless and negligent driving on Monday, as reported by local media, quoting police spokesperson Brigadier Athlenda Mathe, the accused attempted to breach the convoy three times despite warnings from traffic officers. The police intervened and took him into custody during his third attempt.

Red and blue police lights near a car crash in a city at night.

Brigadier Mathe emphasised that, in accordance with South African traffic laws, motorists are required to yield to vehicles displaying blue lights, commonly found on vehicles used by both regular and military police.

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