Extended strikes cost Namibia’s Skorpion Zinc Mine $1.53million in revenue loss

The strike period had financial implications as this has been the third disruption in the last seven months.

Following an extensive workers’ strike, Namibian mine, Windhoek Skorpion Zinc confirmed that its mining contractor, Basil Read, has reported a return to operational normalcy. Basil Read had been contracted to execute the Pit 112 push back project as a life extension-mining project for Skorpion Zinc.

The strike period had financial implications as this has been the third disruption in the last seven months.

According to Irvinne Simataa, General Manager of Skorpion Zinc, “This last strike has put Skorpion Zinc 14 days behind on its mining schedule and is anticipated to result in a N$22 million ($1.53 million) overall loss for the business. With the impact on current ore stock levels and the lead-time to restart mining operations, this has placed a huge risk on the viability of the business with the temporary closure of the refinery eminent due to the plant running out of material to treat”.

Direct results of the shortfall include a restructure and/or premature closure of the operations. “We implore all workers, be it ours or Basil Read’s, to remain focused and committed to ensure an expedited resolution to all outstanding issues so that everyone work together to see the delivery of the Pit 112 project and avert the premature closure of Skorpion Zinc, Simataa adds.


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