Suspected Militant Attacks in Niger Leave 70 Dead

Suspected Islamist militants have killed at least 70 people in simultaneous attacks on villages in Niger Republic, near the border zone with Mali, .

In the village of Tchombanhou, at least 49 people were left killed in a raid, while 17 were seriously wounded.

In the village of Zamoudareye, another 30 people were suspected to have been killed by the militants.

Niger, bordered to the West by Burkina Faso and Mali and to the southeast by Nigeria, has seen multiple attacks in the last one year. Hundreds of lives have been lost and properties have been razed in the death.

Recall that Nigeriens last week trooped out to elect a new President in the very first democratic transition of the country in 60 years.

Dipped in security challenges, the new Nigerien President, when announced, is expected to plug the holes in the nation’s security architecture.

A run-off has been declared in the election, after the leading candidate and former Prime Minister, Mohammed Bahmouz failed to amass the constitutional requirements needed to win the election.


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