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Tanzania fines Acacia Mining for environmental breaches

The Tanzanian government has fined Africa’s largest gold producers Acacia Mining 300 million Tanzanian shillings ($129,143).

Acacia’s fine comes two days after the government appointed a new mining minister following allegations of breaching environmental regulations at its North Mara mine. The mining company has also been asked to build a new tailings storage facility for storing uneconomical Ore.

In response to this, Acacia says it is unaware of discharges of a hazardous substance at the mine which was discovered by the National Environment Management Council. The company says it is yet to receive any written notice from the government even though its North Mara mine, where operations remain unaffected, has received an Environmental Protection Order (EPO).

The London-listed mining company is in the middle of a prolonged squabble with the government over a $190 billion tax bill which has limited the company’s operations in Tanzania.

In 2017, Acacia was accused of tax evasion by the government. Three of its local subsidiaries, an employee and a former staffer were charged for money laundering and tax evasion same year.

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