Teachers in Kenya Call on Authorities to Reinstate Caning

Teachers in Kenya Call on Authorities to Reinstate Caning (News Central TV)

A number of Kenyan instructors are calling on Authorities to reinstate caning to the classrooms so that teachers can be harder on misbehaving students.

In 2001, Kenya made corporal punishment illegal in schools. The Children’s Act safeguards children from all sorts of maltreatment.

However, many secondary school principals believe the prohibition weakens their authority in the classroom.

“The policy on management of discipline is laborious and [makes it] difficult for any school or board of management to take any disciplinary measures,” said Kahi Indimuli, the head of headteachers association.

This week, headteachers will convene for an annual conference to tackle the mounting dissent in schools.

Last year, a number of government secondary schools were set on fire, with majority of the events being blamed on students.

Education Minister George Magoha issued a warning to teachers in February about the use of caning in schools, but he had previously hinted at a policy reform to address rising incidences of indiscipline in schools.

It is pertinent to mention that in January 2021, the Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT, vowed to reject the reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools saying it will create conflicts between teachers and learners.

Knut Secretary-General, Wilson Sossion, said the reintroduction caning would risk the lives of teachers, especially from teenagers.

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