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Four tech trends influencing agriculture in 2019

Technology continues to play an integral role in the development of agriculture globally whilst doubling up to help the industry break into new borders.

Dawie Maree is the Head of Information and Marketing for FNB Agriculture. He is of the opinion that agricultural technology innovation is evolving at an unparalleled pace, leaving farmers with no other choice but to adjust and reinvent themselves in order to compete, grow and sustain their businesses.

“The agricultural industry globally is successfully overcoming some of its prominent environmental and food production challenges through the use of new and advanced technologies, and South Africa is no exception,” says Maree.

He sheds some light on key tech trends to shape agriculture in 2019:

iCow App Kenya
Farmers use the technique of drip irrigation to plant lavender at an ecological base

“Farmers are urged to regularly research and educate themselves on new technological developments in the industry to avoid being left behind. Those who are still pessimistic, do so at their peril,” concludes Maree.

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