Terrorists Shoot Abuja-Kaduna Train Victim in Captivity

One of the victims of the ill-fated Kaduna-bound train attacked by terrorists in March has been shot in captivity.

One of the negotiators – Tukur Mamu, who facilitated the release of 11 of the passengers from the terrorists confirmed that a victim known as Mohammed Al’amin was shot and is currently in a critical condition.

Some victims of the terrorist attack in March 2022

Mamu said: “I can confirm to you that the said passenger has been shot and the information is credible. It could also be intentional from them for the purpose of sending a message. Killing of their victims is something we know they can do. They have threatened to do that before.”

He added that the government must be prepared to take full responsibility if they fail to act quickly.

Mamu said although communication remains open, government is yet to take action.

“I know what is in this crisis and that is why I keep emphasising that President Buhari must be prepared to take painful compromises if they are really committed to securing these innocent victims alive,” he said.

“With what we have succeeded in doing, the windows and opportunity we opened which there’s none hitherto, the government has the power to bring this to an end within three to four days.

“I assure them we can do it with their support and cooperation, and if it didn’t happen as long as government do the needful I will agree and accept to take full responsibility. Cases of emergency such as this doesn’t require unnecessary bureaucracy.”

In a related move, families of the victims have continued to plead with the government to help free the hostages following reports that one of the hostages was shot.

The families visited some members of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, urging the government to intensify the search and rescue of the abductees.

Speaking on behalf of the families, the wife of one of the kidnapped victims, Matilda Kabir, said the uncertainty is killing. She said they don’t know who the next victim would be.

Mrs Kabir said for 94 days, the families have been in apprehensive about the fate of their beloved ones.

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