The Beautiful love story of actor Williams Uchemba and Brunella Oscar

Actor and humanitarian, Williams Uchemba recently got married to his sweetheart of over four (4) years; Brunella Oscar.

The new bride has now answered the questions on everyone’s heart as she opened up about how she met and fell in love with the actor.

Brunella revealed she first saw him on Facebook when he posted a video preaching the gospel in 2017

Congratulatory messages have been pouring in for actor Williams Uchemba and Brunella Oscar following their traditional wedding ceremony.

Although, it took a lot of people by surprise, as people did not see it coming, until he announced his engagement a week ago.
Brunella, recently shared some interesting new details about how they met and eventually fell in love.

The newly wedded bride revealed she stumbled on a video of Williams preaching the gospel on Facebook in 2017 and she immediately knew he was meant to be her husband.
“The video was about 15 mins long but 30 seconds into the video I heard a voice saying ‘This is my husband!’ I had no idea who this guy was, never even heard of his name before but I felt the urge to message him on FB messenger just to encourage him to do more and never give up on his passion.

“I immediately clicked on his name, noticed it was a “fan page” but didn’t think too much of it because I thought that maybe he was a motivational speaker of some sorts. So I messaged him but I was not expecting a reply. At the time I had just started my MSc. Degree 2 months ago and I vividly remember going to uni the next day all happy and smiling, telling all my friends that I had met my husband the night before. My friends can bear me witness because they thought I was crazy when I narrated the circumstance surrounding my statement (bearing in mind I hadn’t got a reply yet!).” She said.

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