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Three Die in Sudan Protests

At least three people are reported killed and 11 others wounded in clashes between rival ethnic groups in Sudan’s eastern Kassala state following the nomination of a new governor.

The fighting began on Wednesday between the Beni Amer tribe and the Beja tribe after the nomination of Salah Ammar of the Beni Amer tribe as governor of Kassala.

One person was killed on Wednesday and 11 others wounded. The fighting resumed Thursday, claiming two more lives.

Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has sent a ministerial delegation to the state.

“An authorized protest in Kassala turned violent, with shops set on fire, private property destroyed and two people killed” on Thursday, a statement from the prime minister’s office said.

“Seven people who were involved in the violence were arrested,” the statement said, adding that the Prime Minister was sending security reinforcements.

According to the United Nations, a state of emergency has been imposed in Kassala and security forces have deployed to contain further violence.

Acting Governor Arbab El Fadul has also imposed a three-day curfew in the state and police have been deployed to enforce it.

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