Tribal Clashes in Sudan’s Darfur Region Leaves 16 Dead

Tribal clashes in Sudan’s troubled West Darfur region have left at least 16 people dead and wounded 16 others, a Sudanese medical group said Tuesday.

“A new series of attacks from March 5-7 in Romi locality in West Darfur has led to the killing of at least 16 people and the wounding of another 16,” said a statement by the Committee of Doctors in West Darfur.

Adam Rigal, the spokesman for the General Committee of the IDPs and Refugees in Darfur, accused pro-governmental militias of being involved in the mass killing in West Darfur.

“Since last year, the Janjaweed militia has been waging systematic attacks against civilians and IDPs (internally displaced people) across the region, especially in West Darfur state,” he said in a statement sent to Anadolu Agency.

Local authorities in West Darfur state have not commented on the incidents.

Since November last year, hundreds of people have been killed in sporadic tribal clashes in the Jebel Moon mountains of West Darfur.


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