U.N Base Petrol-Bombed as D.R Congo Protests Heighten

UN Base Petrol-Bombed as DR Congo Protests Worsen (News Central TV)

Congolese protesters set up a fire barricade outside a United Nations peacekeeping force's warehouse in Goma in the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo July 25, 2022. REUTERS/Arlette Bashizi

In Beni, in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a U.N outpost was petrol-bombed amid escalating anti-U.N protests.

On Thursday, at least two other peacekeeping bases were attacked. The number of casualties was not ascertained.

In the violent clashes that followed Monday’s anti-UN protests, at least 19 people, including three U.N peacekeepers, perished.

The UN is allegedly failing to safeguard civilians from armed groups operating in the east, according to protesters.

According to a U.N spokeswoman, Mai Mai militia units, which were purportedly established to defend communities, have joined the demonstrators.

In the east, more than 100 different armed organisations are active, including the Islamic State-affiliated Allied Democratic Front.

Numerous recent attacks have left tens of thousands of people homeless and hundreds dead. Two weeks ago, several attacks believed to have been perpetrated by ADF Rebels in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo resulted in the deaths of 20 individuals and the kidnapping of dozens more.

Children and at least four patients who were burned alive at a church clinic in the region of North Kivu are among the deceased.

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