Uganda Dissociates From Muhoozi’s ‘Kenya Invasion’ Tweet

Uganda’s Foreign Affairs ministry has disassociated itself from statements posted by Yoweri Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba on Kenya’s invasion that has elicited sharp reaction.

The ministry stated in a release that Uganda does not in any way conduct its official or formal businesses in the social media.

The ministry, responsible for the implementation and management of Uganda’s foreign policy and international activities, also stated that the country does not in anyway depend on social media sources in dealing with other sovereign governments.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to clarify that the Government of the Republic of Uganda does not conduct its Foreign Policy and other official business through social media, nor does it depend on social media sources in dealing with other sovereign Governments,” it read in part.

Uganda affirmed the cordial relationship between the two countries over the past years, emphasising that the government and people of the republic of Uganda treasure the existing strong mutual relationship between the two nations, adding that they are purposed to build a unified East African Community.

Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is the commander of the Special Forces Command

“The ministry wishes to emphasize that the government and the people of Uganda treasure the existing strong relations between the two countries based on our shared history, common values, mutual respect and trust.”  

The statement also stated that the government of Uganda is committed to good neighbourliness, peace, co-existence and cooperation.

The Ugandan government however acknowledged the cooperation of the two countries and assured the people and the government of the republic of Kenya of their harmonious valued relationship.

Earlier on Tuesday, Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Cabinet Secretary nominee Alfred Mutua assured Kenyans of their security and well-being over the controversial tweets from Kainerugaba.

His sentiments followed a meeting he held with Uganda’s ambassador to Kenya Amb. Dr Hassan Galiwango.

Mutua in a bid to calm the heat provoked by the reckless claims, stated that everything is in place reiterating that there should be no cause of worry or panic.


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