UNHCR Calls for More Support for Far North IDPs in Cameroon

UNHCR Calls for More Support for Far North IDPs in Cameroon as Conflict Worsens (News Central TV)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called for stronger support for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the far North region of Cameroon.

The conflict emerged from the dispute between fishermen and herders, eventually escalating and leaving over 100,000 displaced persons.

UNHCR has been doing its best to attend the needs of the displaced persons, but have called for extra capable and willing hands to be able to sustain the intervention.

UNHCR has set up their camp in Bogo, where they provide safe places and other humanitarian aids to displaced persons. They have also taken up an initiative of tree planting to “protect the environment” and make it friendly.

“When we help the displaced, can we do it in a manner that is friendly to the environment? And here I have seen very good examples of this. I have seen solar energy being used. We have planted, I have planted myself trees in a small reforestation project. 

“I think it’s important that we also, we, the aid workers and the government, think of even humanitarian assistance in green terms, in environmental friendly terms, and it’s a small project, but a great example to the rest of the world,” UNHCR Filippo Grandi emphasised.

Cameroon has been plagued by conflicts, ranging from the government and the separatists, to the invigorated militant insurgency with deadly attacks which has killed many cameroonians, leaving many others homeless with no source of livelihood, amongst others.

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