United Nations Extremely Worried About Rwanda Asylum Plan

United Nations Extremely Worried About Rwanda Asylum Plan (News Central TV)
Britain’s Home Secretary Priti Patel, left, shakes hands with Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Vincent Biruta, right, after signing what the two countries called an “economic development partnership” in Kigali, Rwanda Thursday, April 14, 2022. Britain’s Conservative government has struck a deal to send some asylum-seekers thousands of miles away to Rwanda, a move that British opposition politicians and refugee groups condemned as inhumane, unworkable and a waste of public money. (AP Photo/Muhizi Olivier)

The UK government’s plans to send some migrants to Rwanda if they enter the country illegally have the United Nations human rights office saying it’s still extremely worried about the impact.

Suella Braverman, the UK home secretary, has insisted that Rwanda is a safe nation for immigrants. On Sunday, she stated that she thought the Rwanda policy would have “a significant deterrent effect” and prevent people from travelling to the UK via the Channel.

However, according to assessments made by the UN organisation for refugees, Rwanda’s asylum system “is not robust enough.” Concerns exist regarding Rwanda’s observance of the freedoms of assembly and speech as well. These worries still exist today, according to the BBC.

United Nations Extremely Worried About Rwanda Asylum Plan (News Central TV)

According to Ms. Braverman, the High Court determined that Rwanda is secure. She did admit, however, that there was still a legal issue with the plans. She also declined to provide a deadline for accomplishing the government’s objective of preventing small boats from navigating the English Channel.

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Furthermore, it was noteworthy that Ms. Braverman would not reiterate her earlier goal of reducing legal immigration to under 100,000 per year, in part because there is disagreement within the cabinet about what is practical. According to the government’s plans, individuals who enter the UK unlawfully could be sent on a one-way pass to Rwanda where they could apply for asylum. The High Court declared the plan to be lawful in December, but the decision is still being appealed. 

When the UN agency for refugees provided proof that a group of Congolese refugees had been shot during protests against ration cuts in 2018, Ms. Braverman was questioned about it. The home secretary said, after seeing a clip of the aftermath, “That might be 2018, we’re looking at 2023 and beyond.

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“The High Court, senior expert judges, have looked into the detail of our arrangement with Rwanda and found it to be a safe country and found our arrangements to be lawful.”

According to her, the government’s legislation allowed people to contest the choice to transfer them to Rwanda in “extreme circumstances” of “unforeseeable, serious, and irreversible harm.” The police’s 2018 actions, according to the Rwandan government, were a last option and there was violence at the protest.

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