Vaccinations-Leading Seychelles Moves To Curb COVID-19 Surge

Seychelles, with over 60% vaccinated adult population, more than anywhere in the world, has introduced new guidelines to curb a spread and surge in COVID-19 cases.

Some of the measures put in place by the country’s government include social distancing amongst households and early closure of bars.

The Indian Ocean Archipelago’s Minister of Health said that despite all the previous measures put in place by the government, they have been witnessing an increase in case incidence.

Peggy Vidot, the Minister of Health at a Press Conference noted that “despite all exceptional efforts we are making, the Covid-19 situation in our country is critical right now, with many daily cases reported last week,”

Seychelles, with a population of 98,000 has vaccinated 62.2% of its adult population, as it moved quickly to raise its populace’s immunity.

The tourism-dependent nation has been badly hit by COVID-19 as its main source of income suffered a dip owing to physical distancing measures that made tourism an impossibility for the time being.

There are possibilities of a third wave of COVID-19 across Africa with nations already imposing restrictions to limit the spread of the virus in the face of a fast-spreading Indian mutant, B.1.617.

Seychelles’ 612 cases in April rose to 1,068 cases as at May 3rd with the government continuously moving to curb the spread.


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