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Why 9 Year-Old Bridget Bema is Taking Social Media by Storm

For the third day in a row, it has been laughter back to back, after a video, which went viral circulated the social media spaces like Instagram and twitter, showing the 9-year-old Bridget Bema being  portrayed as the rebellious girl in a primary or secondary institutions.

This video simply resonates with many.

In the video the young Bridget who was seen in her ‘lowcut hairstyle’ which added more spice to her persona was seen culpable for many offences as her teacher called out names of erring students on the assembly ground. Her ability to embody the role and take many people down memory lane gave way to so much excitement, which has led to the buzz on social media.

Bridget Bema is a younger sister to Oliver Otieno, stage name YY who is popularly known for the ‘Churchhill show’.

What we are going to see is more videos of this nature from the fast -rising enthusiastic Bridget who has gotten to over 10,000 followers on her Instagram page only with this singular video.

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