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Zimbabwe at risk of power cuts as dam levels fall1 minute read

The country has a demand of 2100MW to fulfill.



Zimbabwean Kudakwashe Sithole, 16, does her homework with candlelight following recent power cuts. Zimbabwe is experiencing serious electrical power problems.AFP PHOTO/STR

Zimbabwe could experience frequent electricity rationing due to lower water levels. The coal-powered generating plants have less production capacity due to dilapidation over time.

The power rationing will affect the mining sector, Zimbabwe’s main source of revenue. The country has a demand of 2100MW to fulfill.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) says that the Kariba Power Station is at half capacity and currently generates 358 MW as opposed to a previous 542MW.

Kariba has a current installed generating capacity of 1,050 MW due to another 300 MW upgrade in 2017. Some Harare residents are already experiencing power cuts.

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