Zimbabwe to Spend $100m on COVID-19 Vaccines

Zimbabwe has earmarked $100million to procure COVID-19 vaccines following a rise in infections in the Southern African country.

According to a state-owned newspaper, what has delayed the country is its expected advice from scientists over which vaccines to buy.

Zimbabwean President, Emmerson Mnangagwa has been the subject of criticisms in the country over his failure to make viable plans for the acquisition of vaccines.

Despite Zimbabwe’s cash crunch, the Ministry of Finance says surplus from the 2020 budget would be used for the procurement of vaccines.


The country plans to buy 20 million doses which it says will be enough for 60% of the population, and enough to get herd immunity.

A Sceretary at the Ministry of Finance, George Guvamatanga said: “The Government has set aside US$100 million for the vaccines to procure around 20 million vaccine doses to immunise 60% of the population, which will help us attain herd immunity,”

More than 75% of Zimbabwe’s 33,273 cases and 1,193 fatalities have been recorded in January alone, necessitating the country’s need to limit the spread and procure vaccines.

While vaccines are key, health workers in the country have continually called for an increment in their salaries, citing the expensive cost of living in the country as a factor.


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