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65 Illegal Migrants Arrested in Zambia



Zambia’s immigration authorities have arrested 65 illegal migrants in Lusaka, the country’s capital.

Namati Nshinka, the spokesman of the Zambia Department of Immigration, on Wednesday, said the migrants were mostly arrested for trading without permits.

The illegal immigrants were arrested when immigration officials conducted a clean-up operation in some densely populated residential areas in Lusaka.

Among those arrested included 24 Burundians, 21 Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and 11 Tanzanians nationals.

The authorities also arrested four Rwandese, one Ugandan and four others for claiming Zambian citizenship.

Nshinka said the majority of the immigrants were arrested for trading without permits, unlawful entry and unlawful stay.

Meanwhile, the immigration authorities removed 34 illegal immigrants from the country while three foreign nationals were denied entry into the country.

East Africa News

South Sudan Launches Fresh Attack on SPLA-IO Base

South Sudan’s army has on Thursday launched a fresh attack against forces of the main armed opposition group and peace partner, SPLA-IO




South Sudan’s army on Thursday launched a fresh attack against forces of the main armed opposition group and peace partner, SPLA-IO at the Morota Unified Training centre. 

The deputy spokesman of the SPLA-IO in Juba, Colonel Lam Paul Gabriel said the attack was ordered by General Moses Lokujo who defected from the group to join the SSPDF in September.

According to Colonel Lam Paul Gabriel “… this morning November 26, at about 6:00am, the defected force of Maj. Gen. Moses Lokujo who is now under the command and control of the SSPDF attacked the SPLA-IO component of protection force for Morota Unified Training Centre, in complete violation of the permanent ceasefire,”  

The statement also confirmed the death of one SPLA-IO soldier and two others injured as the fighting continues.

Last week, the ceasefire monitoring body, CTSSAM-VM identified General Moses Lokujo as being responsible for the recent displacement of civilians around Kajo-Keji area. He was also accused of blocking access to a military training camp.

The revitalized peace deal expects all the parties to desist from actions that may obstruct or delay the provision of humanitarian assistance, protection of civilians, or restrict the free movement of people.

The armed opposition group further urged the SSPDF to cease attacks against it while urging that security mechanisms established under the revived peace agreement be implemented to halt the attacks.

He called on the SSPDF command to restrain Maj. Gen. Lokuj from incessant attacks against the SPLA-IO.

“It should also be noted that the forces in Morota Training Centre are not only SPLA-IO forces but a component of the unified forces under the command and control of the JTSC and JDB. Therefore, attacking this force is not only a violation but a direct attack against the Security Arrangement in particular and the R-ARCSS in general.”

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80 Final Year Students Quit School in Kenya, Say Principal Was Too Strict



No fewer than 80 final year students of a secondary school in eastern Kenya have left the school in a day over claims that the principal, Joseph Makau, was too strict.

The students also told local media that they were tired of studying.

They also raised concerns over the poor diet offered at the school and the recent withdrawal of entertainment sessions that ran on a weekly basis.

Local media also reported that the incident left only 36 final year students in Matungulu Boys Secondary School compound.

The students, who had earlier boycotted meals during the day, were said to have walked out of the school on Wednesday evening, without staging any form of a riot.

Makau said some of the students had been undergoing counselling due to the use of hard drugs before the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Those who walked out of the school are suffering from ‘freestyle’ kind of living where they don’t want to adhere to basic regulations for conducive learning. We will remain firm and as a school, we will not entertain any indiscipline that threatens smooth learning,” he said.

Some of the students told local radio stations that the principal was too strict and they were tired of studying. They said they would prefer to come back just to sit for their final examinations scheduled for next year.

The principal said parents had been informed and asked to bring back the students.

Schools reopened in October for final-year students after being closed because of coronavirus, while other classes will resume in January.

The ministry of education advised administrators to minimise interaction between students in boarding schools and people outside to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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Civilians Won’t Be Harmed in Ethiopia’s Offensive on Tigray – PM



Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed has promised that civilians, worship centres and heritage sites will not be harmed, when the country launches its offensive against Tigrayan forces.

Mister Ahmed, in tweets on Thursday, said that the window given to the TPLF forces to stand back has elapsed.

On Monday, he had given the TPLF a 72-hour ultimatum to surrender or risk being hit.

The Prime Minister, who won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize, said the failure of the rebellious TPLF forces to surrender will see Ethiopian forces going ahead with the final phase of their offensive.

The United Nations has warned Ahmed against harming civilians in the conflict.

“The 72-hour period granted to the criminal TPLF clique to surrender peacefully is now over and our law enforcement campaign has reached its final stage,” he tweeted. He also said thousands of TPLF fighters have surrendered, a claim the group denied.

“The last peaceful gate which remained open for the TPLF clique to walkthrough has now been firmly closed,” Abiy said.

“Our National Defence Forces have carefully devised a strategy to bring the TPLF criminal clique to justice without harming innocent civilians, heritage sites, places of worship, development institutions and property,” he added.

African envoys were in Ethiopia on Wednesday to sue for peace between the warring parties.

Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country and a key economy in the Horn of Africa has been facing conflicts between the country and the TPLF forces.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is the group comprising of those in Tigray, a region in northern Ethiopia with about 5million people.

TPLF ruled Ethiopia for 27 years before Ahmed came into power. The current Prime Minister has been accused of ethnic bias in his leadership.

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