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African Authors Miss Out As Scottish-American Douglas Stuart Wins Booker Prize



Two African authors, Tsitsi Dangarembga and Maaza Mengiste, who were finalists for the Booker Prize 2020 have expressed optimism after missing out on the prize.

The Booker Prize, the UK’s most prestigious literary award, is open to any novel written in English by an author of any nationality. And this year’s Prize was picked up by Scottish-American Douglas Stuart for his debut novel, Shuggie Bain.

Award-winning Zimbabwean author, Dangarembga, and her counterpart, Ethiopia’s Mengiste, are optimistic despite missing out on the £50,000 ($66,000) cash prize, promising to keep on writing.

Dangarembga was shortlisted for her latest book, This Mournable Body, while Mengiste was shortlisted for her novel, The Shadow King.

Stuart, 44, won the Booker Prize with his debut novel “Shuggie Bain” which focuses on love and alcoholism, and set in Glasgow in 1980s.

The book, based on his own childhood, tells of a young boy growing up during tough years in Glasgow with a mother who is battling addiction. Stuart’s own mother died of alcoholism when he was 16.

“I think I’ve been clear that my mother is in every page of this book and without her I wouldn’t be here and my work wouldn’t be here,” he said.

“My mother unfortunately suffered with addiction and didn’t survive that addiction,” he told the award ceremony, which had to be mostly held remotely because of a lockdown in England to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“And so for 30 years I’ve carried an awful lot of sort of loss and love and pain, and I wanted really just to tell the story of what it was like to grow up queer in Glasgow, to grow up with a parent who you love but you couldn’t save.”

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Asa, Her Music And The Blue-Haired Blokes



Asa seems to be having so much fun these days and we are loving every bit of it.

The dreadlocked singer who has gifted us with timeless hits like Jailer, Fire on the mountain, Eye adaba went on a music hiatus but seems to be back with so much excitement and has been keeping her fans engaged via her social media platforms.

She was an active part of the #ENDSARS protest which started out in Lagos Nigeria, using her social media as a tool of advocacy, Asa showed solidarity to the moment by making a number of heart felt posts in support of the movement to end police brutality.

The Blue Haired Blokes

Asa has been sharing interesting posts which in colloquial or urban language  is termed ‘vibes” on her platforms and coincidentally it is with the blue haired blokes.

Earlier she posted a hilarious  video with Folarin Falana also known as Falz the Bahd guy via her Instagram and Twitter platforms with the caption “New handshake vibes”

Asa has also posted another video with Wurld the musician with the blue hair and unique lyrics where she was seen dancing with him to his new song “Chop and pray” in what appears to be her parlor.

Recall that on the 4th of November the blue haired butterfly symbolic Wurld had tweeted to her saying “Gm, hope you had an amazing night. We love you and we cant wait for new music from you”

Asa loves good music, art and the good life. Hopefully, this is tilting towards more good music for her anticipating listeners, collaborations from any of these blue haired blokes is just perfect.

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Meet Nigerian-American Who Says He’s A “Father Figure” To Rappers



Tobechukwu Nwigwe, a Texas-born rapper of Nigerian descent is one of the United States’ most consistent and prolific rappers.

With a video of a new song every week, Tobe uses his YouTube page to spread the message of purpose.

His goal is simple, “making purpose popular” as he raps about social justice, lifestyle and his life.

Tobe, born to Nigerian immigrants in the US 33 years ago has said in his latest single “Father Figure” that he’s a level above other rappers.

In the song featuring American rappers Black Thought and Royce Da 5’9”, Tobe eulogised his Nigerian roots and greatness.

Highly revered in Houston, Texas, Tobe is seen by many as a source of motivation and a man who typifies happiness.

He has a close-knit team of video directors, singers and drummers, with his wife, simply known as Fat, being one of the most important members of the team.

Tobe also has many of his extended family members on his projects and says he never wants to be popular but will always spread the word of purpose round.

Contrary to his desires, his fame rose when he released a video about the killing of Breonna Taylor, as Americans celebrated him for lending a voice.

Erykah Badu and Michelle Obama are some of the rapper’s staunchest supporters.

From American Football To Hip-Hop

Tobe wanted to become an American football player and was a great linebacker before a knee injury put paid to his career while he was in college. He attended the University of North Texas where he studied Real Estate and was an NFL hopeful before his injury in 2009.

He focused the burning passion in him on music and chose to rap about lifestyles and the need to be consistent.

Tobe never shies away from hailing his Igbo, Southeast Nigerian roots, and is known to celebrate his blackness.

In one of his songs, “Shine”, he said; “The world can be toxic. Especially when your skin looks like chocolate. Be cautious, all branches ain’t olive.  And look towards the sun for your solace and, Shine, Shine, Shine on all of them.”

Nwigwe loves his family and his art has always been personal to him. He carries them along in all his strides and they form a strong part of his ascent.

Tobe has said he’s not interested in the perks of being a record label. The rapper said he rejected Mass Appeal, Roc Nation and Sony Music as they were never able to answer his one important question.

“They have someone call you and say, ‘Anything we can do,’” Fat, his wife said in an interview with the New York Times.

His response, he says has always been; “What can you do for me that I’m not already doing?” 

He markets his songs and has a creative control of his branding and art.

Nwigwe says the only thing he does on his own is writing. His clothes come from his different travel experiences at Nigeria and Japan and he gives them to his African brother, a Cameroonian tailor your sew. Every other thing is done by members of his close-knit team of friends and family.

A hardworking rapper, flanked by a solid group of creatives, Nwigwe says he’s hard to be convinced to join a label because he’s not lazy.

Tobe’s Get Twisted Sundays on Instagram and his website is one of the most followed shows in Texas, and the rapper has been described in the city as a visionary who is in a mission to change the scope of hip-hop. 

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Kindhearted Davido To Serve As His Driver’s Best Man



Nigerian singer and songwriter David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, stays true to his words when he says “we rise by lifting others”

Aside from being known for his numerous hits, one of the things Davido is known for is his philantrophy and magnanimity towards those who come in contact with him.

In a recent tweet he made on Wednesday he stated that his driver was getting married and he (Davido) is going to be the bestman.

Actions like this are not new when it comes to Davido and he is never hesitant to talk about them on his social media platforms.

This recent act has led to various  reactions from his followers, hilarious and commendatory. Below are some reactions

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